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    Ive built the original baby tricopto over a year ago and stopped after a few flights due to it feeling off compared to what I’ve seen in videos and setting it up was a pain with limited useful info. Now I’m upgrading to the kakute f4 v2. My question is, do I need to flash it to the dRonin hex, then do the resource mapping diff advertised on the site for the tricopto. Or the other way around? What version of betaflight should I update to for the board? Because my latest bf only allows down to bf 3.3.3… Do I need to bother with the triflight 7 beta 2/3 at all? Because all the babytri videos seem to lack structure on details and tutorial. Do I need a special controller for dRonin?because I use an x-lite. please answer each question and not leave out any info.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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