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    Hi guys,

    just got my brand new mini tricopter with F3FC-board and set it up over the weekend. I got an Ublox NEO-7M Mini-GPS-Modul with HMC5883L magnetometer and a minimOSD in addition to the tricopter. Its my first time setting up a flightcontroler and I had to do a lot of research in order to get things connected and working.

    At this point everything is looking good, at least in cleanflight as I don’t have a PPM capable receiver yet, so I couldn’t test it in the field. But I got the OSD working, the GPS also seems to work, only the magnetometer is giving me a headache.

    I had problems getting the mag to work in the first place because it would give some seemingly random heading and after turning the copter it would give another heading but then slowly drift to other values over time. Then I figured out that I had to define the magentic declination in cleanflight and now the mag is working great – only that it is off by -90°. So when I point the copter facing east the mag tells me it is facing north. When I face the copter west the mag display south. Obviously I did the calibration but that didn’t change anything (and I checked calibration via CLI command).
    Then I though telling cleanflight that the mag is installed in -90° to the copter would do the trick. But this didn’t work at all. When I apply that option the mag goes crazy giving random headings again and drifting whenever I turn the copter. So I was stuck there for a while until I though of a workaround. I physically installed the mag 90° rotated in relation to the tricopter. Now the mag works (almost) perfectly and quite accurate.

    My question: does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong or how I can fix the mag? For the moment – on the bench – it is working but I don’t know what effect my cheating the software would have once I put the tricopter in the air.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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