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    So recently we got all the parts to solder and assemble the Baby Tricopter, which all went according to plan. Because the Kakute 4 flight controller wasn’t available anymore, we choose to use the Matek f405 STD.

    When connecting completed drone to Betaflight we checked whether everything was functioning correctly and it all seemed alright, so we went ahead and flashed the ef_Matek405.hex firmware that came with the dRonin application to go on with the setup there. The problem is that everytime the flight controller boots, 1 red led will flash a couple of times, a blue will flash once and it repeats. (video is linked below)

    When connecting the drone to dRonin, the program will sometimes see the board, but doesn’t recognize the board version, only the firmware. When connecting anyways, the program crashes everytime.
    Also noteworthy is that when the blue led flashes, it ‘s like the flight controller reboots.

    Is there a solution to this like using better firmware or a different applictation for setup?
    Help would very much be appreciated!

    Video: https://youtu.be/jigL5wscUPM


    While dRonin will work, you’ll need the right firmware to be able to use the Matek-F405. If you look within the forums there is a thread setup specifically for this: https://rcexplorer.se/forums/topic/dronin-installers/

    That being said, Betaflight 4.1 or > will work just fine. Thus, if you continue to have problems, you may want to give that a try.


    Thank you for the hint!

    – we’ve followed instructions as mentioned in the video.
    – we’ve installed the new firmware

    Now everything is working in test mode / application (drone, motors, transmitter).

    Still… the ARM-switch does NOT function. When turning the switch, the motors do not start running. When using my other drone, the transmitter is working just fine.

    A hint on this issue would be very much appreciated! Thnx!

    Best, M

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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