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    Ok so I’ve been drooling over the mini tri.

    I have the full sized V3 and am pretty confident with it although badly out of practice lately and I am only just starting to FPV.

    I was thinking of building a 250 quad as my friend has one and they seem to be a lot more durable than the V3. Every time I crash the V3 I seem to be replacing the wire mount plates or a boom or tilt and I’m getting a bit over having to wait for 3 weeks every time I need to order something (and the cost is starting to mount up!).

    So my question is: would the mini tri be as durable as a 250 quad? I was actually considering the HMB-235 and I know the mini wouldn’t be as strong as this, but I’m a noob and won’t be racing – I’m more after something to have a bit more fun with as the V3 is a bit limited.


    You must never deviate from the path of the Tricopter! 🙂

    The mini is quite fun and I haven’t flown my mini quads since building it.

    That said, it is slightly more fragile (tilt) than a standard mini quad – but I have yet to damage anything other that the front motor on a really hard impact. Bending the internal shaft could be done with a quad as well. (Breaking my own custom tilt and canopy doesn’t count)

    In my opinion, it is not one or the other. I would get a ZMR250 with some DYS1806 2300Kv motors and ZTW Spider 12A ESCs and a Flip32+ board to practice on, then move on to the mini tricopter once the quad becomes boring?


    Ha ha you are most wise Terje-san!

    I did think about a cheap ZMR250 style quad but then again I would probably spend more on building that than replacing broken parts on a mini tri.

    Would you agree with me that the V3 has a few weak points and is a bit fragile, or have I just been a bit unlucky?


    Bigger multirotors are all more fragile than minis. That is just the nature of it. More weight you have, more energy transforms into damage when you crash. I’ve flown my own mini much harder than any other multirotor before I found Armattan frames. It is still flying and all I was breaking were props and batteries. I have not been using the canopy, so the batteries should be relatively safe now. But I was using slimmer motors, which should take a beating better.


    The Mini is tough!

    My Mini fell 30 meter to the ground when a ESC burnt. The Mini is fine, not a scratch, even the props was ok 😉

    I love my V3, but the Mini is a lot more fun to fly. Can´t wait to get a new ESC and get it back in the air…

    @Spartan, go for it!


    If you just started FPV, you should stick to the V3 for a little more time. It´s good for practicing. Very stable and forgiving. And faster than a quad if you push it.

    If you feel safe enough, get the MiniTri.

    (Forget quads. The´re ugly, have too many motors and don´t go fast enough)


    Thanks everyone.

    I’ll definitely be sticking with the v3 for a while yet but I think I’m convinced that a mini tri is the way to go when the time comes.

    Plenty of saving $$$ to do in the meantime!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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