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    I’m currently waiting for the mini-tricopter kit to appear in the shop and I’m wondering what other pieces I will need to build the mini the day kit arrives. The list of things that will be on the kit will help tremendously. Obviously, if you, @David, will sell motors and ESCs I would like to buy from you, firstly to support you, secondly to have the craft closest to yours technically to have same results on the same idea tests. Can we get the list of parts that will become available beforehand to buy everything else ASAP?


    @David states in the comments that he will be carrying the (branded) motors and ESCs.

    So in addition to what you can buy at RCExplorer:

      Frame (Integrated Naze32 board, PDB with BEC, “canopy”)
      Motors (DYS 2208 1800Kv branded)
      ESCs (DYS SN20A opto)
      Servo (Blue Bird – BMS-210DMH)
      Servo cable

    (I really hope there will be a bundle option)

    You’ll need:
    Transmitter and receiver – preferably PPM capable
    Video transmitter and receiver – go for something with “32” channels
    FPV antennas
    Board camera – preferably CCD Sony effio 38×38 form factor
    5v buzzer
    18AWG wire
    14AWG wire
    XT60 connector
    1800MAh 4S 40C rated lipo


    Thank you, Terje, for linking to the comments. I’m quite confident now, that I have everything I need. I have seen the picture of the motor, but not the ESC so was not sure if it will be available.


    Terjes list is spot on 🙂
    There will also be 6×4.5 props in the shop as well, and black lock nuts for the motors (which I think is a must on multirotors)

    The ESC’s already have the correct length 18 gauge power wire and servo wire for the mini, to make things a bit quicker and easier during assembly.

    Nanotech 35-70C 4s 1800mAh batteries work well. I also fly the Tattoo 4s1800.

    It’s pretty tight on space so the smaller the receiver the better.

    I’m thinking about making a bundle. Working on that 🙂
    Thinking of making these a limited edition with an etched serial number on the bottom of the frame. Thoughts?


    Serial number hmm. Interesting would definitely set them apart if they ever became a regular item. Serial number or not I’m waiting as patiently as I can for the release.


    Make a limited edition bundle pack. For that limited run, add serial numbers 🙂

    While you are ordering etched side panels, get some that say “Team Pilot” for the coming Tricopter pilots that stand out at racing events etc, that you feel deserve the title 🙂

    With the consent of the pilot of course, you could also award best crash pilot for the one that orders the most spare booms or servos within a given timeframe. I’ll of course will disqualify my self beforehand 😉


    @David, I hope you’ll sell the booms cut to length also. I will definitely need spares and it will be very inconvenient for me to cut, even to the point where I might buy booms somewhere else (HK might be the option even). I have spare naze32 integrated board and PDB, which I intended to use, but I will buy these in a bundle if you don’t sell everything else separately. I’m also happy that I will soon be able to order something significant, because I will be able to add half a dozen of battery straps to the order. These are just amazing! I use these on all my crafts. (:
    My own LoS version of the mini-tri actually flies well, but to mount anything else on it I wait for your side plates. It might be not so fast with 2204 and 12A ESCs, but this is the craft I currently enjoy the most. I definitely miss FPV gear on it, but have no good way to mount it yet, so I will be buying extra set of side-plates and hardware if these are available separately.


    Just to add reasoning to a limited edition bundle run:

    By selling a bundled pack with predefined parts, the feedback from the users will not be depended on the different types of hardware they might have used. That way @David can concentrate on debugging and refining the firmware of the mini tricopter as well as the parts included in the bundle.

    Also from a customer point of view, help and debugging will be so much easier as the parts used in the build are already known. Releasing PIDs, tailored firmware and CLI dumps will result in optimal results. The mini tricopter pilots will be flying the same exact setup and will thus be able to share experiences and settings.


    I would also like to know the battery compartment size to stock up batteries. @David? (:




    Sorry Leo, the max size is 110x35x35 roughly. I would recommend getting something smaller such as the nanotech 4S1800 35-70C or Tattu 4s1800 45C


    There’s a flip-side to having a bundle, though. On the one hand, it means you could use David’s PIDs and settings pretty much as-is (and I’m guessing the minis are more picky about fine-tuning than the larger copters are). On the other hand, not having a pre-made pack results in more people having more variations, which might surface an issue with the firmware or setup that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered if everyone is using the one known good configuration.

    Then again, I’m lazy and hate tuning PIDs, so if a kit were available I’d be very likely to buy it. 😉


    I’ve just put an order with HK last night, so no 1800 batteries for me for now. Will have to use 2200, which are 113x35x28. Hope they will fit somehow.


    If you get creative with the pin headers, use 2mm additional spacers on the back and move the battery stopper all the way to the front and use a small (D4R-II) transmitter and place the VTx on top of the frame, and make sure the propellers don’t cut the Lipo wire… You should just be able to squeeze those lipos in place. But quickly replacing the batteries won’t be possible.

    If all else fails, you could remove the four M3 screws from the top plate and slide it out, place the battery, slide the top plate back in and screw the top plate back on. Would take about 2 minutes.

    You are going to have a bad experience with that.

    If the items are not shipped from Hobbyking yet, you can cancel the order. If they are already shipped from Hobbyking to you, you can return them and get a full refund. I’m guessing you’ll have to pay to have them shipped back though.


    Nah, I was just going to add a couple batteries to the order, I need all the stuff I ordered. Just wanted to save some on shipping. I guess I’ll figure out how to temporary mount these 2200 I already have while I figure out what else to order.

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