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    A tricopter … it should be. 🙂
    But some problems.
    Tramsmitter: FrSky X7 Copter and FC board orginal RX Explorer
    Copter connected to betaflight, transmitter is ON, battery connected to circuit board.
    Betaflight: set to Tricopter and saved
    As long as the thr stick sticks in zero position, it will beep briefly. Disappear when I move the THR stick slightly forward.
    Betaflight / receiver:
    all CH and AUX1 move in Betaflight with the stick movements on the transmitter.
    Betaflight / engines:
    No reaction of the motors to THR – stick movements on the transmitter.
    The servo (position 6 / right side in BF) moves along with the stick on the transmitter. But no reaction to the copter.
    If I butter the master or the individual butts for the engines move the engines run on the copter.

    For the servo, I have not found a button that I could move.

    Why do not I get any reaction on the copter to the stick movements on the transmitter?
    In Betaflight, the Reiver is set to Sbus. The LED on the receiver lights green, is connected to the transmitter. Otherwise I would have no reactions to the stick movements on the transmitter in Betaflight / Receiver.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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