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    Can someone help me with this issue? I’m trying to write to the minimosd micro usin ftdi basic 5v… but arduino 1.0.5 can’t seem to write to it, it stops at the end of the upload! No errors nothing. MW OSD reads the info on the board but can’t make any changes. One question, in order to write to the osd should the RX connect to the RX and TX to TX? It’s crossed now RX to TX and TX to RX. Below to pics of my setup and what the openlog Blackbox suggests.



    The pinout of the OSD is the standard layout to hook directly to a FTDI breakout board without crossing wires when programing with arduino.

    OpenLog is reversed so requires crossing wires when connecting to a FTDI.


    To update everyone on the issue, as suggested by many posters above, my problem was due to insufficient power from the integrated BEC.

    I bought a 5A 5V BEC from HK (i think it was only $5, and yes it’s very overkill) and now everything works well. More than enough power for anything connected to 5V rail. I desoldered the connections to the built in BEC as I didn’t need it too. Hope this helps.


    I have the integrated naze board and am connected to the front left connectors (5v,grd, tx, rx) but am getting no osd data.

    Am I connected to the wrong pins?


    I got my OSD working, but got loss of OSD under load.

    Changed over to a 5v Pololou reg, but am still getting loss of video. Next step is to Power OSD from the 5v side of VTX as camera does not need vtx supplied power.


    @nightram I’m planning to use a 5v pololou Reg, did you get a chance to measure the voltage from the Reg when the OSD dropped out to confirm it was the problem?


    Here’s how I have mine currently set up. Only downside is that I can’t have my OSD plugged into UART1 and the board plugged into the PC at the same time. 😉

    Diagram below is actually incorrect, I swapped the text for RC4 and 5/6.
    The wire for s.port goes to 5 and 6,
    The wire for sbus goes to rc4.

    For this to work:

    set telemetry inversion = 1 in CLI
    UART 2 is setup as Serial RX (RC4)
    Softserial is turned on and is connected to the X4R-SB via SmartPort on softserial 1.
    Reciever s.port wire is hooked up to BOTH RC5 and RC6
    Reciever sbus output (mine is hacked into the side for un-inverted signal) is connected to RC4.

    OSD is set to use FC Voltage since vBat is plugged in.

    (Obviously, video in/out from camera and to vTX is hooked in on OSD)

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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