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    Micro Minim OSD showing wrong Ampere and mAh then flying my Mini Tricopter. I get very high values. Been using the formula

    current_meter_scale = (charging_data_mAh / reported_draw_mAh) * old_current_meter_scale

    from https://github.com/cleanflight/cleanflight/blob/master/docs/Battery.md#tuning-using-actual-current-measurements

    to calculate what to put in cleanflight at “Scale the output voltage to milliamps [1/10th mV/A]”.

    From the standard 360 I did get to 156 first flight and charging. Next flight and charging (OSD reporting 5565 mAh used, charger 778 mAh) I used the formula and then get 22. Then looking at the OSD the mAh running really fast.

    Change back to standard 360 (looks better in Cleenflights Current draw) and now wonder if there is something in MVOSD I have set wrong?

    Anyone who got this right?


    Are you using F3FC or Naze32? If Naze32, set the current_meter_type to VIRTUAL.
    Is the battery reading and others correct in your OSD? Any chance that you haven’t connected the UART? 🙂


    Using F3FC and the minim OSD is connected to UART 2. Voltage, altitude, horizon bar and timer readings are showing correctly. Only the ampere readings showing wrong values.


    Tricopter disarmed the OSD show 8.5 A. Battery, Fatshark VTX 250mW and Minim OSD connected. After 3:00 minutes OSD say 424 mAh drained.

    Cleanflight say current draw is 0.36 A then only Battery and FatShark VTX (not OSD) connected.

    If I don’t connect the flight battery or OSD CleanFlight reports current draw 0.05 – 0.08 A and 0 V. If I then connect the OSD CleanFlight reports current draw 4 – 12 A and 1.2 V. Also got a low beeping sound once per second. OSD and USB connected at the same time a bad idea?


    5V and ground to Minim micro OSD comes from UART2, just like RX and TX.


    Without Battery connected it shows always strange things, depends on the flight controller and current sensor. On some quads i have -24Amps, thats ok.

    Important is whats shown with flight battery connected.

    “Cleanflight say current draw is 0.36 A then only Battery and FatShark VTX (not OSD) connected.”
    That sounds right…

    MinimOSD needs about 500mA, if it is powered via usb port (I don’t know if the F3FC board does that) there might be a problem. But it should not make problems when flying.

    what is showing in Cleanflight (with flight battery) when all is connected and
    1.) disarmed?
    2.) Cleanflight armend?
    3.) MWOsd armed?

    Remove your props when doing that.


    Props removed!

    This is what Cleanflight showing:
    1a.) Disarmed (no VTX, no OSD) = 0.13 A
    1b.) Disarmed (VTX, no OSD) = 0.33 – 0.44 A
    1c.) Disarmed (VTX, OSD) = 8.5 A

    2a.) Armed (motors spins slowly, no VTX, no OSD) = 0.50 – 0.91 A
    2b.) Armed (motors spins slowly, VTX, no OSD) = 0.52 – 0.80 A
    2c.) Armed (motors spins slowly, VTX, OSD) = 8.50 – 8.92 A

    And regardless USB connected or not, with all connected MWOsd show this shows in my googles :
    3a. ) Armed = 8.6 A
    3b. ) Disarmed = 8.5 A

    Looks like the MWOsd really messing things up. 🙁
    How do I fix this? Use another source to power the MWOsd?

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