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    After 3 years of wrecking into ceiling,walls, chopping off tree branches and hi speed inverted dirt landings and plenty of cartwheels. The multiwii is dead. All the sensors but the baro is flat-lined.

    I think ive been spoiled of the boards capability of being tuned with a lcd and radio sticks without hooking it up to a computer. I do like this option alot. There is a newer version of this board but it seems like the price of this board hasnt lost its price mark. As a matter of fact i can get a deluxe naze32 for less. I can get 2 cc3ds.

    Its for my zmr250 i dont really need the baro or gps. But are nice options. I really like the stick tuning. And the optional lcd.

    But its a new year and im thinking does any of the new boards have all these options?

    Does anyone have any recommendations of a new board that seems to be the go to board? Readytoflyquads.com has like 50 flight controller boards to choose from. Banggood has all in one boards. And all of them seem to have there own software.

    Beta flight,clean flight, race flight and by the time i get this blog written there might be a new board and new software.

    I have a couple hexacopters with the multiwii boards in them i could take from and update to like apm or naza. But it seems like i should leave them alone.

    Whats good, what do you like?


    Well, if you can get @lauka to support it in triflight, an omnibus F4 board with integrated OSD might be an option?

    Would be cool to see, how the BabyTri etc. performs with lots of processing power 😀

    Otherwise you can’t go wrong with the F3FC that supports Triflight out of the box. The servo feedback is a game changer, if you are not already running it 🙂


    I actually used a mini kk2.1.5 in the baby tri. Its nuts! The cool part is i used your case you put on thingiverse. I had to cut off 4mm off bottom in cura for space.


    Thank you very much!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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