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    For the longest time I’ve wanted to add an OSD to my V4 but at the same time I didn’t want to ruin the sleek cleanliness of the stock configuration. So after much thought and some OCD, I created what I’m calling an “OSD carrier board” for the Micro MinimOSD and the V4!

    Here are some of its features:
    – mounts flush to the backside of the V4 FPV transmitter post and is the same width
    – 5 pin molex style clips for vid in and vid out (same connector as Aomway/ImmersionRC VTX)
    – 5 pin mount for Micro MinimOSD
    – built in LDO linear 5V regulator to supply clean dedicated power to the OSD (this also means you can run 6V or 8V on your servo without toasting the OSD)
    – built in logic level shifter that converts the 5V signals from the MinimOSD to 3.3V before sending them to the F3FC and vice versa (not technically necessary since the F3FC is “5V tolerant” but I did it anyway just to be safe)
    – built in RC low-pass filter for getting analog RSSI from an RC receiver such the D4R-II
    – through holes to strap down the output wires which provides strain relief

    So far it works great and I’m pretty satisfied with how it all turned out. It’s not totally clean like the V4 was before but I’m still pretty happy with how it looks. There are probably more elegant and easier solutions out there (such as the Furious FPV “Piggy OSD”) but I enjoyed the process of making this and learning a bit about PCB design.

    If anyone is interested in having their own copy printed off, I’ve provided the Eagle files (.brd and .sch) on my github!

    For all the components used, follow this link to my DigiKey cart:


    I used the full sized minim and mounted it pretty much the same way. Only trouble was I had a failsafe and the extra mass of the minim broke the zip ties off the mounting board purely through inertia and tore up my wiring (I remade that longer to allow for more movement afterwards) I’m planning on adding more zip tie holes much like the landing struts have to prevent it breaking off as easily again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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