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    Hi everone,

    I’ve build recently a Baby Tricopter with the following setup.
    – Frame Baby tricopter from RC Explorer
    – T-Motor F40 Pro III – 2400kv
    – ESC T-Motor 35A
    – Servo with feedback from RC Explorer
    – Kakute F4 V2 flight controler
    – BabyPDB (V4 i guess)
    – ImmersionRC Tramp HV
    – Runcam Split 2S as FPV Camera and HD camera

    I’m using the 4.0.4 version of Betaflight

    DUMP & DIFF attached

    First flight : tomorow normaly

    1. DUMP.txt
    2. DIFF.txt

    I got a problem with the yaw servo as you can see in the video.
    I don’t know where come the problem.
    Help is appreciated

    When I’m trying to lift off, the Tricopter fall down, like a reboot.
    Without propeller, it seem that there is no problem. Software issue ?



    as tu résolu ton souci de Yaw ?

    Sinon change tes valeurs de YAW:
    P à 100
    I à 10
    D reste à 0

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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