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    Just finished a new build using the Rc Ex kit parts and my lh motor wont run like it is not getting all three phases as it stutters.

    I have tested both motors in the beta flight tab motor tab and it wont do anything else other than stutter like on two phases.

    I have checked all the solder joimts for continuity on the three wires going from the esc.

    Any ideas as to it something simple?

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    do You have the option of simply switching the ESCs? If the problem persists afterwards – then on the rh motor of course – it’s a defective ESC … otherwise the lh motor is broken.




    I diagnosed the problem and embarrassingly … Well it’s 100% user error.

    I replaced the motor with a spare quad motor and it all worked so it’s a broken motor.

    I am used to big RC helicopters and big parts after 30 years and without thinking I used a motor mounting bolt that was too long and it hit the motor windings and shorted the motor windings…

    Well that’s a top tip for new players in these tiny motors is to make sure you use the right length engine mounting bolt !

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