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    @litterbug, you were at FFE? Damn, wish I had checked in here, I’d have tried to find you. Didn’t bring any copters this year, just spent the day wandering around finding people I knew from online. I can fly anywhere, but I only get to see my buddies once a year!


    @swissfreek, Yeah, I was there Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon. Spent a lot of time in the east build tent helping people with builds and setting up firmware on quads. Managed to make it on TJ’s FliteTest live stream trying to fly his inflatable duck and the flying spider. Made it on this week’s FliteTest flying the ACME Pizza Box. Had an absolute blast. Didn’t get much flying time in, but did manage to LOS the Baby Tri for a few people. I almost posted something up asking if anyone else was going. Maybe next time. It’s only 2.5 hours from my house.



    So i have update to the lastest build, and onced armed the beeper goes nuts


    Check your modes 🙂


    Yea, that was the first thing I did, the only one that was set up was the arm, as I just reset everything on the board.
    I just got home from the flying field, and had to throw the TX on to charge, so I am going to try little later on tonight to get this going.

    So I wasnt using v6, just updated to it, and I noticed that in BF(3.1.2) in the Configuration Tab, under the pic of the Tri there is an option that says “motor direction is reversed” so I check it an hit save and it reverts back to previous settings, but then I go into CF(2.0.3) the option is not there


    Just an after thought, could my constant beeper be caused by, the “power&battery” option that is now in v6? since the FC is not monitoring the batt info, the PDB does all of that with relevant osd info

    sooooo…. after just the random thought I had in spot where all the best thinking goes on. I made this post and then decided to do the following.

    beeper -bat_crit_low
    beeper -bat_low

    an now no more constant beeper after being armed
    just wanted to post this incase anyone else runs into this in the future


    Back here again, my vacation has had less hobby time than I would have liked. We have been travelling and fixing the house and the property.

    I have had few times to fly. Because of the lack of a racing track, I have been practicing freestyle flying with my tris and a quad. I do like how this v7 flies, but you can certainly notice the slow speed of the servo on quick roll and pitch movements. I will link a DVR footage of one flight, please turn the volume down before opening it!. You can see the slow servo effect well on the half roll + half pitch movements. The copter is most of the time facing 90 degrees wrong way on the yaw axis after it. I think there’s nothing that can be done in the software to accommodate for the slow servo.

    Otherwise it flies good, looking forward to flying it on a track on autumn once we get it done. It’s like a jungle now :), we started to cutting it down today but it needs more work and weedkiller to make it flyable.

    It requires some changes to the tune, here’s my diff:

    # diff
    # Triflight 0.7 Beta 2 - new control test v6 / RCEXPLORERF3 3.1.7 Jul  6 2017 / 12:28:29 (a6d6db5)
    servo 5 957 1844 1377 40 40 100 -1
    feature TELEMETRY
    feature CURRENT_METER
    feature BLACKBOX
    feature AIRMODE
    serial 0 128 115200 57600 0 250000
    serial 1 32 115200 57600 0 115200
    serial 2 64 115200 57600 0 115200
    aux 0 0 2 1325 1650
    aux 1 1 3 1350 1650
    aux 2 31 3 1700 2100
    adjrange 0 0 0 975 1100 15 1
    adjrange 1 0 0 1100 1225 16 1
    adjrange 2 0 0 1225 1350 17 1
    adjrange 3 0 0 1325 1425 18 1
    adjrange 4 0 0 1450 1575 19 1
    adjrange 5 0 0 1575 1700 20 1
    adjrange 6 0 0 1725 1800 9 1
    adjrange 7 0 0 1850 1950 10 1
    adjrange 8 0 0 1975 2075 11 1
    set min_throttle = 1040
    set min_command = 900
    set motor_pwm_protocol = MULTISHOT
    set small_angle = 180
    set deadband = 0
    set yaw_deadband = 0
    set tri_unarmed_servo = ON
    set servo_lowpass_hz = 150
    set tri_tail_servo_speed = 281
    set acc_trim_roll = -18
    set baro_cf_vel =  0.985
    set blackbox_rate_denom = 6
    profile 0
    set d_lowpass = 110
    set d_setpoint_weight = 149
    set p_pitch = 47
    set d_pitch = 28
    set p_yaw = 110
    set d_yaw = 85
    rateprofile 0
    rateprofile 0
    set rc_rate = 129
    set rc_rate_yaw = 125
    set rc_expo = 18
    set rc_yaw_expo = 18
    set roll_srate = 76
    set pitch_srate = 76
    set yaw_srate = 50


    So, it seems that BF 3.1.2 had BF 3.2 settings addded to it that was causing my issues. So according to BF github they released BF 3.1.3 and BAM.

    Had my first flight for 5mins without having to go find my tri. Need some tunning, it looks like the tail is twitching during turns.


    Hi, Not sure if this has been asked or not, but the PID loop for yaw control does it just correct the tail motor speed only? or is there correction on the servo too?(a combination of both) to my thinking the motor and the servo react at quite different speeds and ranges with different mass, is it possible we need a separate PID adjustment/loop for the servo and motor?


    @ lauka does this mean I can go back to my crazy fast servo?

    your loyal patron support Stan 😉


    @AtomicHemi: The tricopter algorithm is applied after the yaw PID, it’s part of the servo mixer. It control’s both the servo angle and the tail motor speed. The motor speed is controlled based on the servo angle from the feedback, so the servo speed is the limiting factor.

    @mcstan: Yes I would like you to test on a faster servo. If you have a slower servo now, please do a baseline test on that first. Remember that there are issues with running faster servos on the David’s tilt mechanism, the center of mass is higher than the pivot point, generating yaw movement just because of the servo movement.

    And huge thanks for being a loyal Patron support! :).

    edit: And don’t forget to turn down the yaw PID gains with the faster servo. Start low and try not to burn it down :). I burned two faster servos 1,5 years ago. Lot has happened after that so maybe it’s better now :).


    This seems to be the thread where the activity is happening, so I’m curious if any of your guys that have BetaFlight F3 boards can help me get in the air. I just swapped to a BetaFlight F3 and flashed the RCExplorer firmware (v6, so I guess there’s an update I need now). I changed the resources as posted by @Phrozen here:


    I also posted my diff which really only changes the receiver protocol since I use CrossFire (resource mapping is the same):


    The tail servo works, I can put it in bench tail-tune and run through the routine, to include the speed test. But when I arm, the motors don’t spin. The red LED on the BFF3 goes from solid to pulsing (not fast like failsafe) and nothing happens with the motors. I have successfully flashed the ESCs and I get the startup sequence when I power the copter. I have tried going from DSHOT600 to OneShot125 and it doesn’t change anything. Anyone have any thoughts? I’m sure there’s a simple setting I’m missing.

    Hardware setup is standard Baby Tricopter, btw, Emax 2205s, Aikon 30A (with cap removed for DSHOT), RCExplorer servo. Board is BFF3 obviously, radio is TBS CrossFire, VTX is TBS Unify Pro HV, cam is RunCam Split. Thanks for the help everbody!


    Have you tried spinning the motors in the motors tab? I don’t have a BFF3 currently to test on.


    I tried it on DSHOT (that’s how I learned that you can’t do that with DSHOT apparently). I can’t remember if I tried it after switching to MultiShot. I will give it another go tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for the fast response, though!


    @swissfreek, can u try oneshot? I have my tri flying happily on BFF3, conform:


    Can u measure if the esc signal pads have a oneshot/pwm signal?

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