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    Ok, so did the first “Test”

    I was able to keep it in the air in acro mode, but it reacts very sluggish.. so I need to fix
    some basic PIDs first because I had no authority over the Tri

    The tail did it’s job but did not get to trying inflight tailtune.

    I tried angle mode but somehow I had no authority on roll when I enabled it.. not sure if this is because of the weird PIDs now.

    I also learned that the antenna cannot be mounted where I had it on the tail.. it clipped the end piece off.

    So first have to fix the antenna now, and I need a bigger open space and some dry weather conditions.


    I recall having the same problem with angle mode. Don’t recall how to adjust that, will look and see if I saved a diff somewhere.

    Somewhere in these threads there were some PID values listed for BetaFlight. They flew pretty well during my admittedly short iNav testing.


    @jhlein Thanx, that is a good idea.

    I found these betaflight sittings in this thread.

    BETAFLIGHT 4.0.3 and KAKUTF4V2

    My actual pids are:
    set p_pitch = 70
    set i_pitch = 25
    set d_pitch = 15
    set p_roll = 70
    set i_roll = 25
    set d_roll = 15
    set p_yaw = 100
    set i_yaw = 10
    set d_min_roll = 0
    set d_min_pitch = 0

    I will use these as a starting point.

    Forcast is rain for days here, so hoping for a dry moment somewhere in the coming days.


    With the unflyable weather I had some time to do some modifications.

    Designed and printed some simple brackets to hold the Immortal T at the front.
    It also replaces the spacers at the front.

    Did some modifications to see If I can get it connected to groundstation software.
    Connected channel 3 and 4 of the Nano RX to TX6 and RX6 and set it to mavlink in iNav configurator.

    I’m supposed to be able to set channels 3 and 4 in the Nano to Mavlink Rx and TX, but am not getting that option.
    Need to investigate further, but i think if I want o use mavlink telemetry i have to switch off the crossfire protocol for control and use sbus.
    Another problem is that I’m running out of uarts and have no pin left for controlling my tramp.



    I am really close to a good tune but my PIDs are totally different from yours. Waypoint navigation and RTH is working well at the moment, only the footage is a little bit shaky. What is yours like, have you made any tests in the past few weeks?


    Pid are a bit personal. You see the same with quads. Some people like them snappy some more docile.

    Can you post your pids? Maybe I can try them and see/feel the difference.

    I cannot do much testinf as the weather is still horrible here.

    I’m flying with a 2.4rc2 build the .5 version and it flies really well with triflight enabled. Even without tuning it yet. Cannot wait for better weather.

    Also note I’m testing with less battery weight. My final build will fly with at least a 3s5200. Currently only testing with 3s2500


    Hi, I would be interested in you sharing your immortal T antenna holder. Would you mind? I am also going to mount a long range receiver in my TriLR. Thanks!



    Just print 2 and put them inbetween the 2 plates holding the antenna.

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    1. IT_bracket.zip

    Thank you very much!

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