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    Hi Hsamuels, have no hands-on experience with the Spektrum system (I’ll be building the V3 w/ frsky). Found a potentially interesting doc on Spektrum binding. Maybe this induces additional ideas on your side… https://github.com/cleanflight/cleanflight/blob/master/docs/Spektrum%20bind.md

    Best of luck!


    Hi Rue,

    The way you bind a satellite receiver with Spektrum is you plug it into a regular receiver, then bind them both to a transmitter. Then you can take the satellite off, and use it without the main receiver on the Naze32.

    The page you linked to describes a feature of Cleanflight that allows you to bind a satellite directly, without going through the procedure above.

    In any case, when a Spektrum (or compatible) receiver has a good connection with the transmitter, the LED is on solid, so you know that it is working.

    I’ve backed off of trying just the satellite, and am using the regular receiver, with parallel PWM connections to the Naze32. But the channels seem all mixed up, even though I’ve mapped them the Spektrum way – TAER1234.

    The next step, I think, is to connect just the throttle, and see if I can get that to work.


    OK! I’ve learned that the Naze32 works better when there are no unintentional solder shorts on it.

    The receiver tab shows all channels working perfectly with parallel PWM. But I’m having trouble getting the SpekSat serial method working. All sliders are at 1500.

    I’m providing power to the satellite receiver from the 3V output on the board. Ground is connected to the unmarked pin on the receiver connector, and the signal lead is on pin 1. The 5V pin on the receiver connector is not connected to anything.

    The satellite receiver appears to be bound to my radio, because the LED is lit solid.

    feature -RX_PARALLEL_PWM
    feature RX_SERIAL
    set serialrx_provider = 0
    set serial_port_2_scenario = 3

    Thoughts, anybody? I could just throw in the towel and use the parallel connection, but already I have dreams of a GPS and a Super Simple Gyro, so I need those extra pins.


    With the above settings, the satellite receiver works when ground is the square pin, and signal is pin 4.

    But it seems that GPS wants to use pin 4 for RX. I don’t have a GPS yet, but I’d like to be able to add it on when I’m ready. How can this conflict be avoided?


    So I had my PIDs pretty much dialed in, just some issues with flying in a straight line. Got the bluetooth module to configure via my android phone (using MultiWii EZ-GUI) works pretty good except for my phone disconnecting from time to time.

    Hooked up my Flip32+ to the Cleanflight Chrome app that had just updated it self. Running firmware 1.3 (version 1.6.0) PID controller was disabled (had to be 1.5). Running 1.3 backup was disabled. Took screenshots of my settings. Upgraded to 1.7.1 (latest stable version). Entered my settings to the letter. Now this happed:

    Tricopter flips! ALL MY SETTINGS WERE OFF!!! Attached are the settings for the mini. They won’t fit the full sized frame, but shows how much the settings have changed (PID controller = 2 “LuxFloat”) I have tried to tune the mini back to the optimal settings, and am not quite there yet…


    double entry.


    OK Terje,

    My BT module just arrived. It’s connected (probably correctly) to the Naze32, and it’s paired to my phone. But when I try to connect to it from EZ-GUI, I get BT: Wrong MAC address.

    Have you (or anybody else reading along) come across this? I’ve tried swapping the TX/RX leads just in case I got them backwards, to no avail.


    Hello all! I used kk2.1 for a while now on my tricopter (like v2.6) from david. Now I got myself flip32 FC

    How to connect motors and servo? M1,M2,M3 from bottom to top, M4 is servo?

    thanks for now…


    One more thing: i flashed the FC with cleanflight naze v1.8.1 stable.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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