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    a, ok.

    Here the promised logs. Baby tri with triflight 7b1 on a betaflightf3 board, no tailtune or connected servofeedbackwire. I did set servo min middle and max.

    Just LOS flying with a few rolls and punch out, no forward flights. Sync video with log with +28.6 seconds.

    I find that the tail servo twitches much more in triflight 0.7 beta, in with BF 3.7.1. I might try the servo lowpass.
    The rolls stop beautifully, long live d term. Also the yaw authority without throttle is better than with BF.

    log: http://eleanor.odee.net/public/20170426/LOG00001.BFL

    mov: http://eleanor.odee.net/public/20170426/20440001.MOV

    If there is anything else I can do testing triflight on betaflightf3 board let me know.


    Mathematically I think this is pretty difficult to do reliably? When the yaw controller needs motor power to correct a yaw error, it will by definition apply a pith and roll force, shouldn’t the controller not negate this unwanted pitch+roll force with a counter force? should be doable I think.
    A bit the same as yawing on a quad and keeping it from going up or down. Sorry for trying to go into details I don’t fully understand. triflight on bff3 is better than bf on a bff3 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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