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    Here is a place to share your setups.

    My current setup is:
    NTM28-26S 1200kV
    8×5 HQ E-prop
    20A SimonK ESC’s
    4S 3000mAh 20C Battery
    KK2 mini
    TGY210 servo
    Immersion RC 5.8GHz 600mW video transmitter
    Hitec optima 9 reciever

    All up weight is 999 grams
    Flies for around 10-15 minutes of hard flying

    Cuts the air nicely with the higher KV and smaller props. I loose about 1 minute flight time compared to the 900kV with 9×5 props. But it’s worth it 🙂 The speed is addictive.

    The KK PI settings are:
    Roll and Pitch gains:
    P Gain: 26
    P Limit: 100
    I Gain: 14
    I Limit: 20

    Rudder gains:
    P Gain: 80
    P Limit: 20
    I Gain: 80
    I Limit: 10

    Stick Scaling:
    Aileron: 30
    Elevator: 30
    Rudder: 40
    Throttle: 90

    Transmitter EXPO:
    30% on everything


    Hi Davud.
    I’ve watched you KK2 board video but is there a video about flashing the software you mention on to the board.
    I usually use NAZA but thought i would try the KK2 mini you recommend in your set up.
    Any advice is appreciated.



    David, do you use a bec for the gopro? Or are your esc bec’s rated enough to charge it? It draws too much for the irc vtx 5v out, doesn’t it? I read they were rated .5A and you said it can draw 1A charging. But then I saw readymaderc sells a gopro cable they say powers the gopro from the irc vtx 5vout, so I got confused. Is there a way to power the gopro from the usb without charging? Too many questions?

    My setup is the one you suggested for 4s with the ntm 900kv motors. I am adding a gopro, and I wanted to be able to switch to the old board camera in case of gopro failure. So I added a switch, and then a bec because the amp draw was too much for the vtx 5v out to handle. It got messy and cluttered fast. I already had a big power filter on there. I want to eliminate the switch and the board cam. Have you or anyone else had a problem with the gopro?


    Not sure if this is the place to ask. I can’t start a new thread for some reason keeps wanting me to log in when I already am. Anyways……

    What is the difference between the SunnySky V2216-10 and the V2216-11?


    It is ever changing, but at the moment (3S):
    NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30 1200kv / 400w
    2200mAh 3S 40C / 2x2200mAh 3S 40C / 5800mAh 3S 25C LiPo
    2x Afro ESC 30Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware)
    1x Afro slim ESC 20Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware)
    TGY-211DMH Metal gear Coreless Digital Servo w/ Heat Sink 2.3kg / .10sec / 16g
    11 x 5 Thin Style E-Prop Black

    Weight up to 1420g depending on LiPo configuration. Aprox. 12 minutes of flight time.

    Flip32+ flight controller (CPPM mode) Haven’t tuned the PIDs yet.

    FrSky Taranis Tx
    FrSky X8R Rx (replaced antennae)
    Voltage monitor
    Altitude monitor
    GoPro Hero 3 BE with brushless gimbal
    SkyZone TS5823 Tx FPV

    + Some homemade 3D printed parts…


    My first camera platform:

    SunnySky 2212-13 KV980 II
    Ready To Fly Quads Fire Red F-20A ESC’s
    Multiwii Pro Ez3.0 FC with outboard GPS/MAG
    FrSky DR8-XP RX
    Turnigy 9XR Transmitter (Only 5 more days till my FrSky Taranis is delivered, YAY!)
    G-Force 2200mah 20c battery
    Gemfan 9×4.7 Props
    Hitec HS-82mg servo

    I think she’ll be just fine, have flown her a couple times. Just need to narrow down the on the ground tail wobble problem.


    T-motor MT22-16 900kv V2
    F20A with simon-k
    4s 3000 20c
    TGY 210 MH
    9-5 HQ props
    kk mini with 1.19s1 pro
    Gopro 3
    Spektrum AR6260 with dx6i
    Immersion rc 600mw on 5.8
    Immersion rc spironet


    This is my first FPV setup, so all my costs are in there. Future setups will be cheaper since now I have the basic gear.
    V3 Tricopter frame $99
    Qty 3 NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30 1200kv / 400w $46 for 3
    Qty 3 NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack $6 for 3
    Qty 3 Afro ESC 20Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware) $39 for 3
    Qty 2 9x5E Multistar Carbon Fiber Propellers L/H and R/H Rotation (1 pair) $14 for two pair
    Qty 2 ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack $47 for 2
    Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board $22 Flashed with Steveis 1.9 pro
    Hobbypower AVR USB USBasp ISP PRGMR Programmer For KK Multicopter Control Board $8
    TGY-210DMH Metal gear Coreless Digital Servo w/ Heat Sink 3.9kg / .13sec / 16g $19
    Spectrumc DX6i 6CH DSMX Radio System with AR610 Receiver $160
    Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam – Wide Angle Edition $80
    Landing gear Beginner’s update: Serious Ties – Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties (18 Inch/250Lbs/UV Black) $8
    Total cost $548
    All up weight is 1050 grams
    The KK PI settings are the same as David has in his KK2 setup video.
    FPV Goggles and Video TX:
    FatShark Attitude V2 FPV Headset System w/Trinity Head Tracker and CMOS board Camera and 250mW 7ch 5G8 TX
    Total cost $410
    FPV Ground Station:
    7″ TFT LCD Color 2 Video Input Car RearView Headrest Monitor DVD $26
    Professional 72-inch TRIPOD $19
    Lotfancy® Music Microphone Stand Holder Mount For 8″-11″ Tablet $ 7
    ProAm USA 7″ LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade $20
    Absolute MM100 Pair RCA Couplers Connector Male to Male $7
    ImmersionRC UNO5800v2 5.8GHz A/V Receiver w/GS-Link – Dual Output $54 will add a mini DVR later, for now the mobius will record.
    Qty 2 ImmersionRC LHCP 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antenna V2 (SMA) $80 for 2 pair
    E-Flite 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo Battery $45 = actually the battery from my Apprentice, probably could use a cheaper battery here.
    Total cost $258


    See if I can get the pics up:


    Y6 configured tricopter V3 frame

    6 x t-motor 2212 750kv
    6 x Turnigy plush 10 amp flashed BLHeli firmware
    6 x HQ Props 12×4.5
    2 x 5100 Mah 3s in parallel 316grams a pack, can run single
    Flight controllers Pixhawk and currently using the DJI Naza M V2
    3 axis camera gimbal with go pro 3
    3 way video switcher
    OSD minim or dji mini iosd
    Frsky x8r-ii reciever
    Fathshark 600tvl fixed flight camera

    AUW 1900-2000 grams depending on options

    Fatshark 5.8ghz 250mw video transmitter
    Frsky Taranis transmitter
    Fatshark 5.8ghz goggles

    it will go back to being a tricopter some day, 🙂 It’s my favorite multi-rotor frame so far!


    900kV NTM 28-30S
    4S 3200mAh Turnigy A-Spec Battery
    Alternative ESC: Afro 30A ESC
    1 x TGY-210MH Servo
    1 x KK2 mini Flight controller

    pretty much flying these setting you have in your video.

    was wondering i have a heaps of 2200 3s batteries.. i know it would be under powered but would it still fly without compromising anything?
    i used a bit of the foam from the servo packaging to offer a little more protection to the esc’s


    Well David is the expert obviously – I assume you fly with 8″ or 9″ props? If you switch to bigger props you should be able to fly just fine 🙂

    The data from Hobbyking on the motor (I am assuming data is based on 100% throttle):

    13x4E – 11.1v – 194W – 17.4A – 1.04kg thrust
    12x6E – 11.1v – 195W – 17.8A – 1.01kg thrust
    11x7E – 11.1v – 188W – 17.0A – 0.89kg thrust
    10x5E – 11.1v – 133W – 12.0A – 0.75kg thrust
    9x6E – 11.1v – 120W – 10.7A – 0.68kg thrust
    9x6E – 14.8v – 234W – 15.8A – 1.05kg thrust
    8x4E – 14.8v – 159W – 10.6A – 0.75kg thrust

    By the way: You can put your 2200mAh 3S lipos in parallel with this cable or this plug and double your battery capacity (and weight) 🙂


    Terje to the rescue 😀

    He is 100% correct. Use larger props and parallel two batteries and it will fly just fine

    Thanks Terje


    Tricopter v3 homemade frame.
    carbonfibersarms with a alucomposite body (Dibond)

    935kv emax motors
    10×5 cf props
    30amp afroesc
    kk2.1 with stewies firmware
    settings like in the video
    3s 3000mah turnigy batt.

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