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    I also want to share my Setup:

    Motors: NTM 26-28 900kV
    20 A ESCs
    9×4,7 Props
    3000 mAh 4S Lipo
    KK Mini
    BMS-385DMAX Servo
    Hitec Optic Radio with Optima 6 Receiver

    I am pretty happy with this Setup and Flighttimes 🙂 About 18 minutes hovering, about 10-12 minutes in normal flight.

    [/youtube] https://youtu.be/1qHtv_WCzwg [youtube]


    <iframe width=”475″ height=”367″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/eHCOanj67-k&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>




    Just a quick note, I attached the props by hand in the photo mainly for aesthetic reasons, hence why they’re not tightened down completely.

    Mini Tricopter v3
    Naze32 w/PDB-BEC
    Cobra 2204-1960kV motors
    Spider 18a ESC
    HQProp 6×3 props
    Turnigy BMS-210 equivalent
    Turnigy Nanotech A-Spec 4s 1800
    FrSky X4SB reciever using modded direct un-inverted SBUS, SmartPort telemetry
    FrSky Taranis X9D Plus
    RTFQ 1-17v (4s to 5v) regulator and considerable dual power rail filtering
    TBS Greenhorn 25mW vTX, soon to be 200mW
    Minimosd-micro with telemetry
    Sony 600TVL WDR wide-voltage camera
    ImmersionRC SpiroNet RP-SMA antennas
    VueXL VX1 FPV headset
    GoPro Hero 4 Session for recording


    Here is my setup:

    RCE mini frame with integrated PDB
    DYS MR2205 2100Kv motors
    HQ 6045 props
    KISS 18A ESCs
    BMS-210 servo
    SPRF3 FC board
    FrSky X4RSB receiver connected via sbus, plus telemetry connected via soft serial
    Aomway 200mw VTx
    Micro MinimOSD
    Foxeer HS1177M camera

    Firmware – TriFlight 0.5 beta 1

    Flight video:

    I’ve stacked receiver with FC and got rid of connectors to keep everything clean and compact.


    Basically used Davids 900Kv setup. It’s very docile and quiet, I had turn up the Yaw quite a bit to my liking from his KK2 settings however. This is my first multi rotor, and first FPV – Maiden and FPV on the same day! Very stable for video and fun to fly. I still have much “clean up” and tuning to do but it fly’s very well. Very Happy David, I see a mini in my future :0)
    YouTube Link is the 3rd flight.

    Afro 20’s
    TBS Unify Pro Vtx
    Turnigy 2K Action Cam
    Castle UBEC (1.6 Amp for camera and Vtx, YIKES!)
    Fat Shark Dominator V3
    Hobby People 14.8V 3200mAh (>15min mild flying)


    250 Class mini tricopter

    DYS BE1806 2300Kv motors
    5045 bullnose triblade Dalprop propellers
    DYS XM20A BLHeli 14.4 dampend light ESCs

    SPRF3 flight controller running Triflight 0.5Beta2
    BMS201DHM servo @5v with servo feedback wire connected to RSSI on F3 board
    FrSky X4R-SB receiver running S.BUS and S.PORT telemetry
    Custom PDB with dual 5v/12v linear BECs (LM1940-5.0/LM1940-12.0)
    Custom LC filter (1000mH coil/470uF capacitor)

    Custom 2mm plywood frame based on RCExplorer V3.5
    Custom 1.5/2mm plywood canopy with 3D printed parts
    Custom nose spacer with brass inserts
    Custom booms (130mm front, 150mm back)
    Custom tilt based on RCExplorer tilt mechanism (just made one with 12mm hole spacing for the BE1806)
    Custom motor mounts (12mm hole spacing for 2mm screws)

    ET25R 25mW FPV transmitter
    Inferior board cam (12v+-5%) (hence the dual BEC)

    Weight without lipo: 360g
    Weight with 1400mAh 3S: 479g
    Weight with 1400mAh 4S: 515g

    Flies fine on 3S (but I get video noise when voltage drops due to inferior camera)
    Flies great on 4S 🙂


    My setup

    1) mini tricopter kit plus electronics package.

    2) micro minimosd tucked away in the frame.

    3) 5v pololou to power osd.

    4) Aomway 25mw/200mw Video Tx.

    5) delta8 receiver.

    6) runcam2 fpv camera.

    Plus lost of cable braid.


    Hello All 🙂

    This is me!

    Built, have set up the tail servo, done the bench tail tune for the servo feedback, just got wait for a calmish day to maiden it now 🙂

    I’ve been flying quads for a couple of years now but this is my first tri. Currently running on DYS SE2205, KISS 18a ESC’s and DAL 6040 props – 3s until I get used to it. That will be changed to 30a ESC’s later in the year when I get the 4s batteries.

    Hopefully a maiden video to follow 🙂


    This is my 350 sized first attempt at a Tri.

    RTFQ 2212 900kv

    XRotor 20amp flashed to BLheli

    RCexplorer integrated frame

    X8r no case running Sbus and Smart port Telemetry

    RCexplorer tilt and servo

    8 channel boscam video tx ( cheap)

    Aomway VTX antenna

    MultiRC battery skid plate

    Plexiglass top plate

    Still trying different props to find what I like 10×4.5 , 10×5, 9×5 and 8×4.5×3 on the way.

    It flies so nice!#tricopter #rcexplorer #multirc @masta_fpv @multi.rc

    A photo posted by @mitch.oswalt on

    It glows #rcexplorer #tricopter @masta_fpv @multi.rc

    A photo posted by @mitch.oswalt on

    Toby King-Cline

    Mini Tricopter frame with integrated naze 32
    Spektrum DX7
    Dys sn20 amps, 2 blheli, and 1 simon K (oops)
    DYS custum rc explorer motors
    Lumenier 25mw fpv transmitter (why UK regulations why!!)
    TBS Triumph antenna
    fatshark dominator V3
    CC1526 Board Camera Sony 960H CCD with 800TVL (IR Blocked)
    DYS Bull Nose Plastic Propellers T6045
    Turnigy nanotech 1.8 4s lipo


    My tricopter is based on the “Tricopter V2.6HV Deluxe” version. Everything’s the same, but with these differences:
    The 1.2Ghz 800mW VTX is at the front mounted on a piece of PVC profile.
    The RC receiver is Hawkeye OpenLRSng DTF-UHF with a Dragonlink dipole at the back (as far away as possible from GoPro interference).
    HQProp 9″x4.3 Carbon reinforced endurance propellers.
    HobbyKing “Universal Nylon Landing Skid Set for Multi-Rotor Frames” (recommended for soft landings that don’t snap zip-ties).
    The flight controller is an APM 2.5 running Arducopter 3.2.1. I’d like to try TriFlight, but without a RTH mode it’s just not worth the risk with all the flying I do over water, such as this moment when RTH saved my tricopter from plunging into the sea:


    Rebuild #117 🙂

    RCExplorer F3FC integrated flight controller and PDB and carbon bottom plate
    RCExplorer RS2205 2300Kv motors on 6045 HQProp
    RCExplorer LittleBee 30A ESCs running BLHeli 14.6
    FrSky X4R-SB running S.BUS and S.PORT on UART1 and UART2
    Bluebird 22HV servo running on 8V
    Eachine ET25R VTx running on 8v from FC
    PZ0420M 600TVL board camera running on 8v from FC
    Custom plywood/ABS canopy
    Custom ABS skids

    400g without lipo 🙂


    Here’s my baby tricopter setup. It flies great!

    EMAX 2205 2300kv
    DAL 5045BN Props
    FVT Littlbe Pro 20 ESCs
    Baby PDB
    RCE F3FC
    Fx796 VTX
    FrSky XSR
    HS1177 w/2.1 lens
    LED lap transpoder (yes I plan to race the baby)


    My setup as per Davids video.

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