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    RCEXPLORER V3 – new to me and unflown until now
    RCEXPLORER F3FC frame & latest TriFlight.
    Afro 30A & latest BLHeli
    SK3 2830 920kv
    Turnigy 210 servo with feedback wire mod
    D4R-II receiver
    DJT tx module in 9xr pro
    EF-01 FPV cam/tx unit
    lots of zip-ties!
    check out the durable zip-tie landing gear!
    weight without battery 580g

    3S 2200mAh 45C
    8045 HQ MR props
    all-up-weight 780g
    9 amps total at hover (uncalibrated, from telemetry)

    3S2P 5200mAh 15C 360g
    9045 HQ MR props
    all-up-weight (including gopro 3) 1080g
    12 amps total at hover (“)

    Current draw seems to be proportional to weight.


    Spent ages last night trying to work out a neat way of attaching a HS1177 to my v4 build & looked through this thread for inspiration, so I figured I would post some pictures of my solution in case anybody else comes looking! Haven’t had a chance to test it yet to see if vibration is an issue, because it’s raining all weekend here 🙁 I don’t have a 3D printer so I just rolled out a sheet of thermoplastic. I want to be able to fly the tricopter via fpv even when I don’t have my GoPro or Yi attached, hence why I’m not just using them as the fpv camera.


    And all wired up 🙂


    First FPV-copter, so I went for everything as stock as it could be to minimize the first mistakes. So nothing special about the setup.

    BUT I wonder if anybody out there had the same idea like me.
    The shape of the MiniTri and my affection to planes with a painted shark mouth let me make the beast a bit more like a beast
    …and this finally reminded me at the bombs from Super Mario!


    Finally working after many issues with the F3FC board. I’m now only missing having the barometer working, it does not show in cleanflight…

    -Frame, motors, ESCs and Servo as per original RCExplorer’s kit
    -HQ6x4.5 propellers, from RCExplorer as well
    -4S batteries from 1400 up to 1800 mAh
    -ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8 Transmitter
    -Fatshark 700TVL camera (to be replaced later this month)
    -Minim-OSD (not the micro, but the old full size, mounted parallel to the transmitter, also to be replaced by a micro-minimOSD that I have in another quad
    -Aomway antenna, sometimes I go with a Fatshark, some other times with a home-made one
    -Spektrum Satellite receiver / DX8 radio
    -Red wire mesh on front esc cables and foam legs on each arm


    FINALLY had the chance to finish and fly my new V4 and WOW! What a rocket! I’m coming from flying a Tricopter V2.6 HV style tricopter with DT750s and the KK2 board so the step up to the F3FC, and David’s awesome electronics package was quite a leap in performance–and silky black cleanness 🙂

    Here’s my current setup:
    -Tricopter V4 (w/ V3 style landing gear)
    -Stock Electronics Pack (RCE 1300 KV motors, Aikon SEFM 30A escs, RCE Feedback servo, 8″ HQ props
    -OrangeRX R720X V2 connected to F3FC via SBUS
    -4S 3000mAh 30C LiPo
    -Futaba T9CAP w/ OrangeRX DSMX module

    Planned additions/changes:
    -Switching to FrSky DFT module and D4R-II rx after frequently loosing communication with my DSMX recievers (not sure if it’s the receivers or my transmitter module that is the main problem)
    -Microminim OSD
    -5.8ghz FPV and Mobius action cam

    I’ve flow this machine about 4 times now and can’t believe how much power it has, and how agile and locked-in it is. Also it’s amazing how effortlessly it flips and rolls! This thing flips better than some 250 quads I’ve seen. Anyway, it’s been a total blast and I love it!! Thanks to David for another great product.


    Here are my 2 tricopters.

    The big one is sort of a V4 (with an 10DOF SPRacing F3 Clone instead of the F3FC). The Compass/GPS is an UBlox NEO-7M I used on my previous HKPilot 2.7. When I upgraded to the V4 motors, ESCs and servo, I decided new FC had to be installed too;-) Like @wynnsquad said, the difference from DT750 motors to these motors is a real power boost. Loops and rolls like a charm. For the moment I have not been able to use the GPS/Compass, but I have hopes that iNavFlight soon will be suitable for the V4;-)

    The MiniTri is pretty stock RcExplorer MiniTri. If the step up from DT750 was great on the V4, powering up the Mini was insane! Thanks to the locked in performance of TriFlight, it too is a fun copter to fly. Buuut I still have not dared to pilot them with the googles on.

    FrSky Taranis Plus with a pair of X4R-SB receivers is my preferred radio solution.

    I love the attention these tricopters get at the airfields.


    I have finally got both my tricopter working!

    and no longer fly quads because tricopters fly so different and want just learn one flight style
    i found both have tricky builds but babytricopter is more so.. but i love the look of the baby tricopter more and thanks to a sharpie pen oil based I think the frame looks ace.

    Mini Tricopter
    Standard electronics pack from David
    BMS-210 RCexplorer servo from david
    Lumenier VTX 25mw
    just a basic broad Cam
    12bec for the VTX
    FrSky XSR EU-LBT 16CH
    6×2*45 thug props

    Baby Tricoper
    Emax 2205 2300kv
    Little bee pro 20amp
    PDB RCexplorer and RCexplorer flight controller
    Bluebird bms-21HV with mod for feedback wire running on a 7.5v Pololu 2.5amp
    Diatone sp3 VTX with the osd plugged in to the fc and running at 8v
    Eagle runcam 16.9 <— can to file the sides of the mount to fit it in indent
    FrSky XSR EU-LBT 16CH
    HQ 5040 3 <– just switched
    and printed sides which makes this build super sexy


    Stock RCE parts. Frsky receiver.


    My first ever Tricopter took to the air for the first time today!

    Tricopter V4

    I didn’t manage to complete the in-air tail tune as it was simply too windy. I also need to do my static tail setup again and get the servo better aligned in the vertical position. Hopefully the weather will be kind and let me have another go next weekend.

    I really enjoyed building this. The complete kit really does contain just about everything you need and the integrated flight controller and power distribution makes the build super neat and clean.

    Even without completing the tail tune, it flew very nicely. There’s plenty of power on tap and the Zippy compact 3300mA/h 4S batteries that I chose seem to be a perfect match. I flew for around fifteen minutes and after landing, the battery was at storage voltage.

    It’s a shame that the F3FC does not have any onboard flash memory for black box logging – it’s not as if there isn’t room! So, I’ll be adding an OpenLogger before my next flights as I really like to be able to review logs after initial testing flights to check power consumption, vibration levels, etc.

    One little thing that I noticed was that I didn’t find a use for the washer and nylock nut that came in the bag of hardware for the tail servo assembly. I also don’t see David using these in his build video. Did I miss something?

    It’s a great first impression though. Hats off to David for a great design of both the frame and the integrated flight controller. The fact that I can just fold this up and stick it in a back pack is a huge plus!


    Hi! how long time your tricopter is flying? with 380kv motor and 15 prop


    Finally got my own ‘tricopter in the snow’ photo :3


    Just finished,

    Babytricopter with stock electronics kit.
    Foxeer monster
    Diatone SP3
    Blacksheep triumph Stump
    BleuSky LC filter
    4 RBG led bar
    Devo/walkera RX716 (cut and mounted in the top stack plate)
    Devo7 TX


    hello all and epecially david,
    only my 2nd build ever after a quadcopter, but turn out pretty good 🙂
    just need to change to 35mm standoff because my vtx is huuge.
    baby tricopter kit with the pdb and f3fc
    racestar 2205 2600kv
    racestar 30a esc
    runcam swift 2
    aomway tx oo1
    flysky fsiasb (to be changed)
    tbs thriumph
    buzzer led matek
    just finished the build and setup, can’t wait to see if it fly or it will be explody 🙂


    Does anyone know if you can attach a gimbal to the F3FC board or if I would have to get a seperate battery.

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