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    Kevin Leach

    Been a big fan for a couple of years now.

    Mini Tricopter
    Stock electronics
    Turnigy Nano 4S 1800mAh
    FlySky Th9x with FrSky DJT module

    This is my first build. Have been flying a 3DR Iris+ and a Yuneec Typhoon Q500+.
    The Mini Tri is a freaking beast. Less than 5 minutes and already broke 2 props. The punch out on this thing is amazing. The full range of motion even in Horizon mode is extremely sensitive and I may have to adjust the expo. Did I say it was FAST? Pushed the nose down and watched it fly off into the distance waaaaaaay faster than I was expecting.
    So far loving every minute of flying it.


    RCE V4
    F3FC top plate running Triflight O.5
    Carbon Fiber bottom plate
    Stock electronics package
    4S 3000 LiPo
    FrSky D4R-II receiver
    Aomway 500mW VTX
    RunCam Swift FPV cam
    Mobius Action Cam
    MicroMinim OSD w MW_OSD firmware
    David’s uber clean 12V FPV voltage regulator (see https://rcexplorer.se/projects/2012/07/the-tricopter-v2-6hv/)

    I love this thing and really appreciate how clean of a design David has created!


    I have multiple quads and tricopters, so here goes.

    WORKING TRICOPTER: Tricopter V3-NTM Propdrive 28-30s 900kv-Afro 20A SimonK ESCs-Tricopter V3 arms and tilt mechanism-Tricopter V4 landing gear-APC 9×4.5 props-Slightly smoked RCExplorer F3FC-FrSky X8R Receiver-RCExplorer Blue Bird Feedback servo-Zippy 3000mah 4s 20C-No VTX-No FPV camera-Runcam 2 Orange video camera.

    DISSASEMBLED TRICOPTER: Mini Tricopter- Mini Tricopter kit-Mini Tricopter Electronics pack with 30A Akion ESCs-Turnigy Nanotech 4s 1800 30-70C(Killed by my Xhover R5X)-HQProp 6×4.5-Runcam Sky Plus DECASED-Lumenier 200mW VTX(Now on my Xhover R5X)-FrSky X8R(Now on my Tricopter V3)-TBS Triumph FPV antennas(now on my Xhover R5X)-Runcam 2 Orange video camera.

    5 INCH QUAD: Xhover R5X frame-Aokfly Fire Phoenix 2306 2400kv GREEN-Betaflight F4 FC-RCDH Spedix 35A 4-in-1 ESC-Lumenier 200mW VTX-FrSky XSR-M Receiver-Runcam Eagle FPV camera-TBS Triumph FPV antennas-DALProp 5×4.6×3 props-Turnigy Nanotech 4s 1800 30-70C(Killed by the Xhover R5X)-Runcam 2 Orange video camera.

    2 INCH QUAD: FT Gremlin Frame-Emax RS1106 6000kv motors-F3 Mini Magnum AIO(4-in-1 and FC)-FrSky XSR-M Receiver-Runcam TX25 VTX-Runcam Micro Sparrow FPV camera-Tattu 3s 450mah battery-Emax T2345 2.3 Inch props.

    TRANSMITTER: FrSky Taranis X9D

    FPV GOGGLES: Headplay SE


    For the moment:
    a brand new box of pieces (delivered this afternoon, ordered 3 days ago and travelled 1200km through 4 countries; well done David!), intending to become a RCE Tricopter v4 in a near future.

    It’s a bog standard V4 with standard RCE electronics kit.
    Intended RX Graupner GR-12 and TX Graupner MX-12. I am considering a RunCam 2 split Cam c/w WiFi for FPV and areal photo/video.
    Battery D-power 4S 3300 mAh 30C

    For orientation purposes I intend to run a couple of RGB neopixels on each motorbody to recognize front/aft and L/R


    A standard Mini Tricopter but with the servo cable extension added for a cleaner tail boom.
    FPV cam: Foxeer Predator Mini
    VTX: TBS Unify Pro 5G8 sporting a TBS Triumph antenna
    Receiver: Spektrum 4649T
    Batteries: Tattu 1800 mAh 75C
    Running the latest Betaflight release of Triflight.

    My second ever multirotor build as well as electronics project in general. (First being a FT Gremlin)
    Flies great, but I have some tail-wag issues to iron out.


    After an in initial test flight, the following is my “vintage” Baby Tri, sporting the latest generation of yesterday’s tech.

    As such, we’re running:
    Naze32 rev5
    Matek Mini Power Hub
    BlHeli 14.9 12A ESCs running OneShot (the ones for around $2 from hobbyking)
    DYS 1806 2300kv
    BMS-210DMH servo with feedback wire
    X4R-SB running SBUS and telemetry
    Runcam Micro Swift
    Some cheapish Chinese VTX, as in my country, 25mW is the max anyways.


    Cruising smoothly with a 3s 1300mAh
    4s will be tested soon’ish


    This is my scratch built Skyline32 Micro Tri. AUW 65/70 gr. on 1s 350/500 mah. components are,
    Racerstar Tattoo 8A BLheli_32 32bits 1-2S Dshot1200 RaceSpec Brushless ESC from BG
    Eachine 3X 1102 11500KV 1-2S Brushless motors from BG
    3.7V to 5V Step Up Voltage Booster Regulator from BG
    1.7g Low Voltage Micro Digital Servo Mini JST Connector from BG
    Skyline32 Mini Flight Controller w/Baseflight & Cleanflight from HK, I was able to flash with Betaflight.
    FS-A8S 2.4Ghz 8CH Mini Receiver with PPM i-BUS SBUS Output from HK
    Gemfan T Style Polycarbonate 3025 cut down to 2525 from HK
    Woven Carbon Fiber Sheet 300×100 (1.0MM Thick) from HK
    350/500mah 1s 35 to 65c lipo.

    it has good punch out for 1s set up, handles very well. my next project will be a 2s version soon.


    Hi there,

    just like to share my own scratch built Trironin Tricopter inspired by Davids V4. Though went some different way with the booms which I built in a combination of 3D-printed parts and Cfk-tubes which are glued together with epoxy.
    Electronics is not finished yet as there will be a GPS and an FPV-system mounted to it. All in all it flies very well even without autotuning the PIDs and stuff. Now I need some more stick practise in order not to crash it too often though the build is very strong!

    Weight without battery is 663g. At the moment I fly a 3S 3000mAh pack which is around another 300g.

    Motors: SunnySky X2216 1250KV
    Servo: BMS-210DMH incl. feedback wire
    ESCs: HAKRC BLHeli_32 Bit 35A
    FC&PDB: Kakute F4 V2 & BabyPDB
    Props: Gemfan 10×4,5

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    finished my LR 🙂
    Stock kit, Servo & PDB
    Kakute f4 v2
    HGLRC FD50a ESCs
    Emax RSII 2207 motors
    FrSky R9 Mini
    BN-880 GPS
    RDQ Mach3
    RunCam Swift Rotor Riot Edition

    pretty groovy build with the hanging stack. I used 35mm standoffs for a more compact build.
    Assuming I’ll get a 4.0 3s with a low C rating to power it, but interested in 18650 power…

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