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    rc flyer

    My first maiden flight didn’t get off the ground. The left side wanted to move up first. My roll is set at P gain 26 and I gain is 14. What do I need to do to correct. Is it the P or the I settings? Not sure what they mean either. (Percentages) Do you ever change the limits? Almost there but wanted somebody’s advice on the situation. Thanks


    Have you calibrated the ESC to spin up at the same time and mounted the propellers the correct way?

    rc flyer

    Sorry but the maiden flight is a Tricopter. All the motors come on at the same time but when I start giving more throttle to see it move the M1 motor wants to move up first. Do I need to go into mixer editor and change just that motor. All motors are set to the same percentage. Throttle 100, Alerron 87, Elevator 50. You wouldn’t think that I would change these settings. Haven’t figured it out yet, hope I don’t have a bad board.


    I had the same problem. But the tail raised for me on my maiden flight. I quickly realised that I had shifted the prop on front left and front right with each other. So the two in front sucked the copter to the ground instead of lifting it.

    Settings in mixer editor for me right now is:
    Channel 1/M1 in mixer editor: Throttle 100, Aileron -87, Elevator 50.
    Channel 2/M2 in mixer editor: Throttle 100, Aileron 87, Elevator 50.
    Channel 3/M3 in mixer editor: Throttle 100, Aileron 0, Elevator 100.
    All type: ESC, and all rate: high


    Try posting your set up so people know what you are using. Try checking the Receiver Tab or Receiver Test to ‘zero’ or balance your input channels with subtrim on the radio. Try calibrating your ESC’s. Try enabling Self Level and using that to take off, and/or using your inputs to offset the unlevel taking off.

    It sounds like you are using KK2.1. Depending on which firmware you have installed, make sure you are actually calibrating your ESC’s: find ESC calibration on the board menu and select, unplug battery to depower the board, turn transmitter on and move to full throttle, hold KK2 button 1 and 4, while holding buttons plug battery back in and move throttle stick to zero, listen for ESC calibration sound.

    Be careful about doing these things with your propellors on, but another thing you can also do with your propellors on is arm copter, spin motors up just a little and check left/right, forward/back to make the copter hop or pick up a little on the corresponding side, i.e. move forward, back picks up, move right left picks up, etc.

    rc flyer

    I was on uneven ground.I figured it would compensate for the difference. I did do a esc calibration and ended with a beep,beep- beep. All try a few more things. I really appreciate all the help guys, I just want to see this baby fly.

    rc flyer

    Still having problems with my tricopter. When I spin up the motors I can get the left motor to hop but the right motor doesn’t seem to wind up enough. Another thing is the right stick only seems to work forward and right, nothing happens down or left. Not sure what or how to correct this problem. All of the props are installed right. I only changed the rotation of the motor to spin the same way as m2 and props are the same on m2 and m3 CCW. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice and found the hopping from previous text.


    My first tricopter setup:
    Scratch built frame based on David’s timber boom design
    Turnigy 2836 750kv motors
    10×6 props
    KK2.1 flight controller
    RC Explorer yaw mechanism
    30a Afro Esc’s
    Hobbyking break out cable
    4s 3000 battery
    Turnigy i6 Tx & Rc
    No fpv or video at this stage.


    Jim I am in New England also and Just getting in to TRIcopters I hope I can pick your Brain as I have no Idea how to start, and I do not want to buy a Phantom or Q-500 I want to be able to work on the Machine and have fun, Greg


    My v3

    SunnySky X2212 980kv moros
    9×5 HQ E-prop
    20A Afro ESC’s (reflashed with BLHeli)
    4S 3000mAh 20C Battery
    Naze32 Acro
    TGY210 servo
    5.8Ghz Tx (Boscam)
    GoPro3+ Silver
    FrSky D4R II Rx


    My V3 sub-mini (220mm wheelbase)
    Emax PM1806-2300Kv Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor
    6030 GWS Style Carbon Fiber Propellers
    Flycolor 15 Amp Multi-rotor ESC 2~3S with BEC
    Turnigy nano-tech 1400mah 3S 40~80C Lipo Pack
    Flip32+ Flight controller
    Turnigy TSS-10HM Digital Micro Servo 2.2kg
    FrSky X8R Rx
    – Various 3D printed parts, 120mm booms, custom battery tray and 2mm plywood frame.

    Weight without lipo: 319g


    Hi everyone!
    My setup is the following: Sunnysky 2216 800kv, 11 props, 20 amp Afro Slims, EzUHF 4ch, a bluebird servo and a Naze32. However, I can’t seem to make my Turnigy 9xr work with the Naze. The roll and pitch channel move together when I move the aileron. Anyone have a recommendation?
    Thanks a lot,


    Hi all!
    I’m curious.. I do not see anyone using DJI’s motors (E300 or E310) Any reasons why it would not work nicely ?
    I was thinking the screw-on propellers are really nice and convenient.

    Also a Hex set would make 2 tricopters at a relatively good price


    RC Explorer inspired design with:
    – All custom 3D printed parts
    – Sunnysky 2216 1400KV
    – 3800 MAh Battery YKS 3S 30C
    – KK 2.1.5 EVO re-flashed with Steveis 1.91 Pro
    – Hobbywing Skywalker 20A re-flashed with BLHeli
    – X8R Receiver + Taranis 9D+
    – Propeller 8 x 4.5 (“el cheapo”)
    – GoPro Hero Gen2

    Between 12 to 16 mins autonomy;
    74 km/h max measured speed (GPS);
    740 g without battery;


    Hay mmemetea

    Would you be kind enough to share your PID settings. I have the same motors and the weight is roughly the same.


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