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    I’m preparing to shoot the RC Tank Battle 2. Here is some footage;

    If you missed the RC Tank Battle 1 you can watch it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PN60CTFc5w&t=136s

    One of the good guys are going to be one of these Trex tank chassis

    Link to description; https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12719
    It has great ground clearance, metal tracks and good gearboxes. Perfect choice for an off road tank of this size.
    But it doesn’t have a turret, so we need to make a couple.

    I made this 360° pan thing;
    The idea is to have the turrets be quick and easy to swap between. The diameter of the shaft is 70mm and it’s hollow to allow for wires and such to be routed down to the receiver.

    I’ll take some measurements of the fireworks and the tank and post them here later for a more accurate design base. Can post the 3D files as well if anybody wants to test different things in Fusion360.

    All of the designs do not need to have the fireworks designed into them. It’s possible to fake the firing by just using black powder in the barrel and then have a remote firework go off somewhere else. But it would be good to have most turrets use the fireworks.

    The Traxxas summit also needs turrets. It’s the bad guy so it needs to have even cooler towers than the good guys. Over the top here. Big guns or a huge amount of stuff maybe 😀

    Any inspiration photos, drawings or ideas are greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to help with the 3D design that would be super awesome as I’m pressed for time.

    Will post the 3D files later today hopefully.

    I have a lasercutter, 3D printer, CNC mill and a lathe for making stuff. Laser cutting being the quickest by far. A combination of 3D print and laser would be best I think.

    Thanks guys 🙂


    Alright made a quick 3D model of the tank and the 2 main firework pieces.
    Here is a link to the Fusion360 design; http://a360.co/2mq8cco

    Edit: First time I’ve shared a 360 document, AWESOME that you can look at it in 3D in the browser and download the file! Autodesk knows how to do things 😀

    Will add some more stuff in there. Progress will be posted in this thread.


    Made some technical drawings as well;

    PDF download

    Size of the fireworks are;
    100 skott – 270mm tall, 50mm diameter
    Roman Candle – 290mm tall, 14.5mm diameter


    You gotta have at Leat 40 or so more of those big rockets 🙂


    Cool project! Wish I had more bandwidth to help out, but school has be pretty slammed right now. I did do a quick mock-up on my smartphone of what I think would be a cool turret for the bad guy tank.


    Twin gattling style rockets turrets like wynsquads design would be awesome, reminds me of Command and Conquer Generals

    for the good guy tank how about a triple turret guns from a WWII battleship with servos to move the guns up and down individually


    Like the idea @wynnsquad

    Moving individually would be cool and have a missile pack on one side and a gun on the other


    whats the size of one rocket?


    I would work on increasing the rotation speed of the turret and/or the tracks. The initial video made it look as if the yaw speed was too slow to “lead” the other tank. I would also put some protection around the fuses of the artillery to keep opponent shots from inadvertently igniting them. Maybe some metal sheeting or Lipo-Bag type material. Really cool project.



    Sadly I don’t have the time to do some 3D modeling at the moment, but I was immediatly reminded of some tanks for my gaming youth:

    Especially the siege tank could allow some things with the story telling.


    I have two ideas:

    One of your turrets should be a quadcopter that can undock and go after targets.

    The second idea is more of a tool for a flamethrower 🙂 I took apart some equipment for the valves in the picture and I think it would be perfect for releasing propane gas Uber pressure muhahaha


    Oops double upload…

    One more idea, gyro stabilized turrets!


    “The second idea is more of a tool for a flamethrower ? I took apart some equipment for the valves in the picture and I think it would be perfect for releasing propane gas Uber pressure muhahaha”

    I was thinking of something very similar, but to release into a barrel behind a sinker…
    Use gas instead of powder & then you no longer need to worry about having to extract the case afterwards therefore simplifying the reloading procedure….

    Started drawing up un-sized schematic on paper but stopped as it seems the project would be using fireworks instead…


    So, it looks like the Fusion 360 link above is broken??? Maybe. You might want to check it. Maybe.

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