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    Maybe hardware? But I doubt it. Probably not user base since you can see Graupner Hott and some other protocols are supported that essentially *no one* uses. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spektrum makes it harder to develop compatible equipment as well. FrSky has a much bigger developer base thanks to OpenTX efforts, so it gets lots of support. It’s not just CleanFlight, either. dRonin (and TauLabs before it, and OpenPilot before that) also supports several telemetry protocols, none of them being Spektrum. So who knows. But the point is it’s much more difficult being a Spektrum user than a FrSky user in my opinion, even if their hardware and support are much much better (saying that as someone who made the switch).


    Swissfreak, I to have a DX8 that I would like to use with my V4 Tricopter. But the FrySky Tauranius 9+ with a X4R receiver is only $200 from Hobbyking. Would this $200 investment be worth the piece of mind in setting up my tricopter?? Any advice would be most appricated.


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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