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    Hi folks – first time posting here. Built a mini tri a few months ago using the stevis naze 32 setup. thought id give the triflight f/w and the cli code a go

    ive not flown it yet but im getting a lot of servo wobble – at times its quite ‘violent’ – all this is on the bench. One thin i have noticed is the wobble disappears as the throttle increases – even when unarmed!

    dont know if this is relevant either but when i was using the sliders in the motors page of cleanflight i am also gettting a lot of readings on the S3 servo tab – Its a full naze board so not sure if this has any bearing. this S3 also changes readings relative to me moving the copter

    So hoping you guys can help me here – is the servo wobble just a setting i need to adjust or something more sinister (oh nearly forgot its a savox digital metal gear servo on a fortis titan tilt mech – the rest of the copter is basically DW carbon arms frame etc with dys 2208 1400kv 8×4’s etc).

    any help appreciated – could do a video of the tri if needed

    thanks in advance



    reading through posts on here and been having a play – the wag comes from self induced oscillation – if i hold the tail boom it stops.

    made a temporary bracket to lower the motor closer to the pivot point of the servo and the wag disappears (almost – but that could just need tuning out but its barely noticable)

    looks like im designing another yaw mech


    What kind of PID gains are you using for the yaw? Sounds like a P term oscillation. Try lowering the yaw gains to half and see if it makes any difference.


    thanks – will do

    is that half of P I and D or just P btw?


    Try with P first. If it doesn’t help, lower I.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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