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    Just finished a tricopter build with the Seriously Pro Racing F3 Deluxe flight controller. First of all, I’m not at all impressed with the implementation of the F3 processor. “All the ports you ever need” is a big fat overstatement. I’ll try and describe what I did and which pitfalls I encountered.

    Loading the firmware:
    The SPRF3 runs Triflight (0.4Beta1 tested)
    To flash the firmware onto the board I had to manually set the baud rate to 230400 and short the boot pins. Then tick “No reboot sequence” and “Flash on connect”.

    The Tricopter layout:
    Motor 1: Output 1
    Motor 2: Output 2
    Motor 3: Output 3
    Servo: Output 7 (identified as “Servo 5” in the servos tab)

    Motor spin direction:
    Left motor: counter clockwise
    Right motor: clockwise
    Tail motor: counter clockwise

    Setting up S.BUS (X4R/X8R):
    1) First go to Cleanflight->Ports tab and tick Serial RX on UART3 (press Save and Reboot).
    2) On Cleanflight->Configuration tab under Receiver mode select RX _Serial and under Serial Receiver Provider select SBUS. Press save.
    3) Bind receiver to Taranis in D16 mode
    4) Connect S.BUS from receiver to pins 1,2 and 3 on IO_2
    5) Adjust subtrims on the Transmitter so that the values in the receiver tab are 1000, 1500, 2000 (min, mid, max values).

    Setting up telemetry (X4R/X8R)
    1) First go to Cleanflight->Ports tab and select Smartport under Telemetry on UART2 from the pull down menu (press Save and Reboot).
    2) In CLI type telemetry_inversion=1 and press ENTER. Type save and press ENTER.
    3) Connect receiver S.PORT signal pin to UART2 Tx pin (green wire, second pin from the left).
    The value to monitor on the Taranis is called VFAS.

    Flash ESCs with BLHeli Suite 14.3 or higher. Dampend light works for me on DYS BL30A with 1000Kv motors.

    Don’t bother if you don’t have a designated BEC to power them.

    UART1: Used for USB
    UART2: Used for Telemetry
    UART3: Used for S.BUS


    Were there any noticeable differences in performance going to this from the naze32?

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