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    I think David mentioned that there would be the possibility of making a carbon fiber version of the Mini Tricopter cage at some point. My understanding is that this isn’t very feasible due to the cost, but it would be stronger and lighter.

    I wish that we could make the Mini Tricopter’s weight more or less the same as that of a miniquad (~500-600g AUW). Since the Mini Tricopter uses three motors instead of four, it’s already at a disadvantage due to having fewer motors. However, this is partially compensated for by the fact that we’re using 6-inch propellers. But this doesn’t make up enough thrust to have the same power as a miniquad: 3 motors producing 1200 grams of thrust each isn’t as much power as 4 motors producing 1000 grams of thrust each. So considering the fact that we’re already at a disadvantage with the smaller amount of power, we must do our best to make the frame lighter if the performance is to be comparable.

    What do you guys think? Am I being unreasonable? How much weight would an all-carbon cage save? Maybe I’m misinterpreting the purpose of the Mini Tricopter. Maybe it’s meant to be a little heavier so that it can get smoother aerial shots? Perhaps if I want lots of power I should go to the Baby Tri…

    Edit: I forgot to mention that Lumenier is releasing some new 2206-9 2450kV motors. On 4s with King-Kong 6×4 props they produce over 1500 grams of thrust each! Maybe it’s time to change the Mini Tricopter Power Pack again…

    If we could build a Mini Tricopter that weighed around 550 grams and used these motors, imagine what kind of performance it would have!


    Yes but a better motor choice would be the tmotor f60 2200kv motors on the aikon esc’s. produces 1500g of thrust @30 amps with king kong 6×4


    I also use Terge’s 3d printed racing cage and it’s awesome


    @JRach Nice find on the motors! Got a link to the cage by Terje?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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