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    Hy everyone !
    So I start FPV and I am a little lost. I have a screen and I last time I flight I couldn’t help but look at the tricopter flying. I just had the time to think “Woo It’s beautiful” that I lost orientation and crash… So should I focus on the the screen and never look at the tri ?

    Any advices are welcome 😀


    Switching between FPV and line of sight is difficult and I still avoid doing it as much as possible.
    I fly through goggles though which makes it a little easier not to “cheat” 😀
    I personally think it’s just easier to fly the whole flight FPV 🙂


    It was what I thought… I need some training ! 🙁 it’s so different than line of sight. Next time, I will just focus on the screen but I don’t have a good range though… My Tx is only 25mW (thanks to French law, yeaaah !) I am always afraid to loose signal 🙁 I a waiting for my cloverleaf antenna but I already have a patch on my diversity screen but I don’t know if it’s really effective…

    Is helical antenna better ? also, if my cloverleaf is right angle, does the helical antenna has to be also to the right ? 🙂

    thank you ! 😀


    depending on your screen size you could do something like this so you couldn’t look away like David said with the goggles


    And no they are both circular polarized antennas so they dont lose any dbi by rotating them at any angle (look in the education section here it has a great article on circular polarization)


    It is a good idea but my screen weight 800g, I will fall face first in the mud 😀


    lol that would only work with like a 5 inch screen max.

    Mabye you could make a whole movie theater instead 😉


    I also have a question. I have been flying fpv for a while now and I have a gopro hero 3+ black edition. I want to make a cable so I can record with it and use it for live video out. I see that the gopro can shut off from this when flying. Is that fixed or are there any settings I need to change to prevent that? Any help would be appreciated,



    I fly my gopro 3 white without any problems, ive never had it shut off. Well i guess i shouldn’t say that (in other words always check the battry level before flying).


    I’m just getting into FPV and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of TX, RX, and board camera. I’m trying to do this off a high schoolers budget and that ceans the cheaper the better, but i still want decent performance. I also know that Hobbyking has a RTF version but I’m looking at other options while it’s backordered.

    (note: for goggles I’m looking at these from hobbyking and modding them to put a pair of ski goggles on them.) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__53706__Quanum_DIY_FPV_Goggle_Set_with_Monitor_KIT_.html

    Any help is appreciated.


    I actually b.ought that. The small monitor is pretty nice. But I use reading glasses and it’s a bit short. But a good deal for the monitor. I thought about mounting it my transmitter. I would try to stick immersionrc uno and and the fcc compliant transmitter Both together will be 100 dollars. I think I would go with the Mobius to record HD video and stream at the same time.


    Hi everyone, this is very interesting topic. From the very first day I started RC I always wish I can do FPV. I bought a FatShark Predator v2 which I never really fly FPV using it. My question are:
    1. What would be the best basic setup for FPV? I prefer to keep things to very minimal to minimize cost and damage cost if crash happen.
    2. How to train for FPV flying becasue for light of sight flying, we can use computer simulator like Pheonix RC and etc?



    I have those goggles, or should I say screen. You can’t really convert them to ski goggles as you need the distance from the screen to be able to focus. The goggles use a kind of magnifying glass lens “sheet magnifier” to make it work in the first place. They work pretty decent as a screen for framing shots, but are pretty heavy because the heavy screen is at the end of the foam box.

    Maybe a pair of 2nd hand goggles from someone who has upgraded to dual diversity, or better yet wait for the 3D goggles to hit the market? Someone is bound to want to upgrade 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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