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    Hi guys!

    I’ve just finished assembling my Tricopter LR, but i’m having problems :/

    I’ve followed every single step of David’s setup video, all motors work very smooth when using DRonins “Test Outputs”, but when i Arm the Copter, the tail motor get’s crazy, with a very rough work and really hot!

    I leave here the link of the video I filmed


    dRonin is the issue. Switch to Betaflight.


    I would agree just go betaflight. I did the whole dronin thing as per David’s instructions and wasn’t happy with it on my setup. Tmotor/racerstar 2305/1600kv on 3s 3300mah with 7×3.5×3 blade props.
    The cli dump and port remapping from the main thread works perfect with betaflight, as wired in David’s video, and i have had a successful maiden, it’s down to tuning now.


    A strange thing just appened… (or maybe not…)

    This morning when i was doing the setup, i haven’t run the TailTune, because i couldn’t find it on the list, than i read some topics at the forum and found that now (???) it’s called ServoCal. I thought that it only interferes with the servo.

    I’ve runned the ServoCal, and now the rear motor works smooth 😀

    But now, i have another question… Is it normal that the Roll and Pitch doesn’t respond (or seem to) before running the autotune??


    And i think everything is up to running 😀

    Noob mistake, my last question. I was used to my old and beaten Tricopter V2.5/2.6 hybrid, that with low throttle it responds to Roll and Pitch commands…

    Now i’m waiting for a calm day, to make the autotune flight.

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    Your tail motor problem is exactly the same as mine. You’re saying just running tail tune cured you problem? I’m not sure mine would get airborne long enough to run the Servo Calc. But that sporadic running a rumbling sound is the same issue I have.


    dRonin is not the issue.

    The issue is the on ground part of the servo calibration has either not been run, or been run incorrectly (servo endpoints and neutral point not set correctly is the typical problem). The triflight algorithms (whether in dRonin or BetaFlight or …. ) use the servo angle to calculate thrust corrections for the tail motor. If this angle is incorrect, the tail motor is going to act incorrectly. So yes, the servo does indirectly affect the tail motor.

    One the on ground portion has been completed, you can then start flight testing and do the airborne part of the servo calibration.

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