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    Had a flight recently where the tricopter was rolling / drifting the the right pretty badly. Decided to recheck all of the calibrations this morning and noticed that the tail-tune was failing. Drift / Roll have always been an issue but not as bad as yesterday’s flight.

    Twitch video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173951576

    Anyone know why this would fail to complete like this?


    Kevin & Erik

    CLI Dump https://pastebin.com/cnXvLGbZ


    Ahh, having tri_servo_feedback = VIRTUAL apparently is the problem.
    Setting this to RSSI, allows it to complete.

    However we have read that Virtual allows for better performance. Can someone confirm this?

    Kevin & Erik

    Notes from Betaflight wiki:

    Servo feedback source is configurable
    Before connecting the servo feedback cable, define in CLI the source pin for the feedback:
    set tri_servo_feedback = VIRTUAL | RSSI | CURRENT | EXT1.
    RSSI = Use RSSI ADC pin. RSSI feature can't be used at the same time.
    CURRENT = Use the CURRENT ADC pin. CURRENT feature can't be used at the same time.
    EXT1 = Use the EXT1 ADC pin. On Naze32 board this is the RC6 pin.
    The calibration no longer automatically selects the source, user must define it in the CLI before using it.

    Servo feedback was added because it measures the position of the servo instead of the FC software needing to estimate the position based on other known parameters (which effectively what virtual feedback is).

    So triflight is designed to ideally have the measured servo position feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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