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    Please post here you results from Tail Tune mode.

    Go to CLI tab in configurator, and type following command:
    set tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor

    Post your result here along with following information:
    1. Type of tricopter.
    2. Motor + propeller.
    3. Battery type: 3S/4S.
    4. Servo type + voltage.
    5. How accurately did you measure and set your servo angles: Didn’t set at all/Eyeballed them/Measured accurately with a fancy measuring tools.



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 143

    Stock RCExplorer mini tricopter
    BE2208-10 – 1800KV Motors
    HQ6x4.5 Propellers
    4S battery
    BMS-210DMH Servo 5v
    Measured accurately with fancy measuring tools

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to test it out much because I forgot how terrible I was at LOS flying. I was yawing around after going through the tuning and managed to crash it and take out an ESC. But it did seem to be working well.



    Thanks, 14.3 is quite close to @david‘s measurements (13.8 average).

    For future results, please also tell how windy it was during the tuning.



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 102

    Stock RCExplorer mini tricopter
    BE2208-10 – 1800kv motors
    DAL 6×4.5 bullnose props
    4S 1800 Zippy Compact battery
    Turnigy TGY-210DMH (a clone of the BMS-210DMH from HobbyKing)
    Measured with phone angle measuring app, so I would say 75% of the way to anal-retentive

    Wind was as close to dead calm as you can get in the real world.



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 116

    Stock RCExplorer mini tricopter
    BE2208-10 – 1800KV Motors
    HQ6x4.5 Propellers
    4S battery
    BMS-210DMH Servo 5v
    Eyeballed them

    Slight steady breeze around 5km/h



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 171
    tri_tail_servo_speed = 400

    Highly customized V3:
    360mm wheelbase
    200mm front booms
    230mm tail boom
    DYS-BL30A ESCs running BLHeli 14.3 with dampend light.
    DYS BE2212 1000Kv motors
    9×5″ carbon propellers
    BMS-210DMH running on 6v and Impossible tilt.
    4S 2200mAh 40C Zippy lipo
    X8R running S.BUS and S.PORT
    Seriously Pro Racing F3 Deluxe flight controller running:
    TriFlight 0.4 Beta 1/SPRACINGF3 2.1.2 Dec 6 2015 / 17:54:18 (2105b76)

    tri_tail_servo_speed set by using overly complicated measuring equipment 🙂

    Breezy wind at 5-6m/s
    Flew really nice!


    Got 138 on the standard electronics kit. I used the fancy servo setup tool
    Couldn’t feel a breeze and I could perform the 30 seconds of tuning in acro mode without touching the stick at all during the 30 seconds, which makes me think it was pretty calm.

    Took a blackbox log as I was doing the calibration if someone is interested 😀



    @david Any change you could give us the stl for the “fancy servo setup tool”?





    Standard setup with littlebees 20a and the Turnigy servo (my blue bird bit the dust).
    Used 3d printed servo tool, but then adjusted with a protractor (the extents were off by 5 degrees).
    Calm day, but I had to correct it 3 times due to drift.
    May have to try again with a bigger area to work with.



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 119

    TriFlight 0.4/NAZE 2.1.2 Jan 1 2016 / 15:06:12 (4d856be)

    1. Type of tricopter – Mini
    2. Motor + propeller – RCE 1800kV, HQ 6×4,5 (default setup except for Afro Race Mini, current SimonK)
    3. Battery type – 4S
    4. Servo type + voltage – BMS-210DMH @ 6v (have not changed Servo speed from default)
    5. Took some time to measure with manually (actually think it’s pretty accurate)

    –> not really happy with the resulting behavior, will post logs in debugging thread



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 138

    Stock RCExplorer mini tricopter
    BE2208-10 – 1800KV Motors
    HQ6x4.5 Propellers
    4S 1800 mAh battery
    BMS-210DMH Servo 5v

    don’t have a buzzer but hovered for a around time 10 min Full 4s Battery hopefully long enough



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 76

    Mini tri
    BE2208-10 – 1800KV Motors
    HQ6x4.5 Propellers
    4S 1800 mAh battery
    BMS-210DMH Servo 5v

    Used fancy servo tool to set the angles.

    No buzzer either,but similarly to johan spent about 3/4th of a battery practicing a hoover.



    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 99

    TriFlight 0.4/NAZE 2.1.2 Jan 1 2016

    RCExplorer mini tricopter with FVT LittleBee 20A ESC (BLHeli 14.2)
    BE2208-10 – 1800KV Motors
    Gemfan 6×4.5 Propellers
    4S Zippy battery
    BMS-210DMH Servo 5v
    Measured accurately with fancy measuring tools

    Wind condition – calm with slight wind

    Just a note: last week when I did this tail tune, the value came out to be 50.
    Nothing on the Tricopter changed except the wind condition was windy compared to today.

    So not sure whether the wind condition play a big part in the tail tune value.



    @david-chong be careful with those gemfan props. I’ve had 2 fail on me in flight on the tri. They would separate themselves from the hub under heavy throttle without warning.



    Thanks Rustypaint for the advice. I heard about the Gemfan props breaking at the hub.
    So far I have not had that situation. I am flying around the 50% to 60% throttle stick.

    I do crash my mini now and then. I do notice sometimes the props will have a white line between the hub and prop. I will change the prop when this happens.

    I changed from HQ to Gemfan as the Gemfan props is better at surviving after a crash. As for the HQ props, they just break after a minor crash.

    My HQ 6×4.5 Bullnose props just came in and I will give that a try.

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