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    Is there a flight mode that works better when doing the in flight tail tune? Angle, horizon, acro, and should air mode be active?

    Thanks, Phasor



    Tail tune requires stable hover. This can be achieved by flying with no wind or slight, steady breeze. For steady hover you also need your stick/RC rates set low enough so that minor adjustments to counter any drift dont result in you struggling to maintain the hover because of overreaction due to too sensitive controls. Mainly in pitch and roll. It also helps to have throttle expo set up such that responses in the vertical axis is less sensitive around the hover power setting.

    If the above is achieved, the other things don’t matter, as even in acro mode the copter should be quite steady. In fact, I prefer acro, as angle mode tend to drift until you have adjusted the drift out. Airmode does not affect tail tune at all, as it only affects control at zero throttle.



    The auto-level’d modes aren’t so great at keeping the copter level. This has something to do with how the electronics work and how the software uses it. Hence over time drift can and often does get worse.



    Thanks for the quick replies. I had run tailtune before in horizon mode but it took several attempts before it would complete. I have just flashed the latest triflight version for my baby tricopter and will give tailtune a try in acro mode this time when the wind cooperates here. At the moment it is howling….


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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