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    Hi guys,
    Happy holidays to all!
    DO we have some info if somebody is running LUA sript on their Taranis like this one:

    View post on imgur.com

    It would be cool to use it for Triflight/Inav in case of FPV dropout like IFR help to get model safely back.


    I’ve got it running on my Taranis, using Dronin flight firmware to send the required telemetry via the Sensor hub interface. Had to make a few changes to get it working correctly, and added the feature to be able to rotate the HSI via S2 so north can be oriented correctly wrt the direction you are facing while flying.

    More likely than not it won’t function with the *Flight software branches, unless they send the telemetry in the exact same format as Dronin.

    Have not tried it with Sport telemetry.


    A link to that LUA script would be nice 😉


    Here’s a link to my latest lua scripts:


    telem2.lua is the script pictured above, telem1.lua is a more generic script I also use.

    Still a work in progress, so use with caution…..


    Thank you very much for your share. Could you please confirm if you have used telem2.lua in flight with triflight or Inav?

    Could we see some photos or video of usage or how to install properly. In my opinion when I add GPS and BARO to my Tricopter V4 it would be possible to use it with Triflight and with Inav. I am very excited to have IFR on my Taranis.

    I will for sure use your telem2.lua – do I have to reprogram it or use it as is. I have Taranis and XSR on my tri. At the moment I use SBUS but will go to PPM to free one UART for GPS. BARO goes to I2C.

    Btw. I am noob.



    I took a quick look at the Triflight firmware, and without modifications to the code, neither of these lua scripts will work. I’m assuming Inav has the same telemetry setup, I’ve never looked at that code.

    In some of the lesser used telemetry values (temperature1, temperature2, rpm) Dronin firmware has encoded the gps status, number of satellites, hdop, vdop, and flight mode/armed status. Additionally, the x, y, z accel telemetry has been replaced with roll, pitch, and yaw angles.

    If these changes were made to the TriFlight and/or Inav firmware telemetry, I think it would work. Some changes to flight mode decoding in the scripts would also be required.

    The only other issue might be I’m running firmware version 2.0.17 on my Taranis, and I don’t know if these scripts, as written, will work with the 2.1.x firmware.

    Your other option, depending on the flight controller you are using, would be to move to my branch of Dronin. While there would be a learning curve with the new firmware, you would have all the features of TriFlight and Inav in one firmware package.


    Would like to try if dronin is working on Davids tricopter fc board! Any links or websites to look?


    dronin.org is the website.

    The official released builds do not support triflight or the f3fc target. I’ve added the triflight algorithms to my personnel dronin build, and have created a pull request for inclusion into the released builds.

    I also have created a target for the f3fc (the F3 version, not the F1 version) board on my personnel builds. I created that target for a friend, but he had trouble with his board and was unable to fully test all the features. I’m pretty sure it was at least flown in the basic modes, I’ll check with him tonight.

    That being said, if you are up to the adventure, I’ll post a link to my latest installer and you can try it. Maybe we start a new thread for that.

    I’m currently flying it on a Titan tricopter (similar to V4) with GPS, an Armattan mini tricopter, and a VectorQuads mini tricopter. All fly very well. And while it does not always produce a good tune on a tricopter’s yaw channel, there is an autotune function that dials in pitch and roll quite nicely.


    Thx for fast answer. I would like to try.

    Just to be sure I have this fc: http://rcexplorer.se/product/f3fc-tricopter-frame-with-integrated-power-distribution/


    That’s the board I created the F3FC target for. Give me a couple of days to make sure that target is up to date with the latest changes and put together some documentation on how to set it up.

    I found this video showing the F3FC flying with the Dronin firmware FWIW.


    Cpy tht!


    I’ve got the target for the F3FC built. I only had to make a few simple changes to update it. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to test it, have not gotten a hold of the hardware. So while the F3FC target has been flown, these latest updates have not. The Dronin installer with the F3FC target and triflight algorithms is here:


    The dfu firmware flasher is here:


    After the Dronin package installed, in one of the subfolders there’s a file named EF_F3FC.hex. This file needs to be converted to a DFU file using the DFU file manager and the resulting file flashed to the board using DFUSE demonstration. Both of these tools are in the firmware flasher download. It might be possible to directly flash the .hex file using the cleanflight/triflight configuration tool. Someone with experience with that tool might be able to confirm or deny that. Note that if you go to Dronin and don’t like it, you will need to use the DFU tools to go back to the *flight firmware.

    I can’t take any screen shots of the setup since I don’t have a F3FC board to run, so we’ll have to work thru that somehow.

    Dronin is different, some people love the GCS interface, some hate it. It’s just different. IMO, it’s much more flexible and intuitive, but I’m used to it. I can have a new airframe up and running in a few minutes, autotuned in a few more.

    If you decide to try this, lets start an F3FC with Dronin thread.


    We can use this thread for Dronin. I’ve rename it.


    Well I borrowed a board to test with, but I think the MPU6000 interrupt line is dead. The firmware is throwing an error during initialization, and I’ve traced the error back to the MPU6000 interrupt line, the firmware is not seeing any interrupts from the MPU6000.

    We previously flew this board with Dronin, so I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware error, not a software problem.

    The only interesting thing is that Cleanflight reads the MPU6000 correctly, but I’m pretty sure Cleanflight does not use the MPU6000 interrupt. Can anyone confirm that?

    At any rate, I’m unable to do any further testing with the F3FC and Dronin firmware.

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