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    Hi Boys and Girls

    I’m building the babytricopter, and bought a unify pro with 5V input. Now: Since the PDB goes out at 6V i’d like to know if i can get a filtered 5V output somewhere?

    Second thing: I’m implementing a TBS Core, is that possible? Shall i pull the VTX output there and get 5v? Can i bring the the voltage sensor into the core pro? I’d like to have everything on OSD.


    I doubt the TBS Core would fit inside the Baby Tricopter… you’ll be amazed at how quickly the available space gets used up! If you want to use an OSD then I’d recommend something much, much smaller like the Micro MinimOSD (someone here had a brilliant idea: tape the Micro MinimOSD onto the back of your board camera!) and use the sensors inside the PDB and F3FC to get readings to the OSD.

    Regarding the voltage input for the video transmitter, I honestly don’t know. But the build video uses the same vTx as you do, so if you follow the directions in the video you should be set.

    Good luck and happy flying!


    The Furious Piggy is a minimOSD that is designed to fit on the back of a HS1177. On mine I actually used the board to replace the back plate as the screws were too short.

    The only way you’ll get a Core Pro on there is if it rides on top. Might be enough room depending on your HD cam if you run one. It will put out 5V for the VTX (you can set it between 5v and 12v)o you can use a Unify Pro with it (they were designed for one another). Honestly since you have to get video out from the Core anyway it makes sense to just use the supplied connector (pretty sure it comes with a cable designed to fit the Unify Pro).

    I have burned a Unify Pro (thats how I learned it only takes 5V), but I fed it 4S voltage. I don’t know how it will handle 6V.


    Hey Helifreak: Yes I will mount the Core Pro connected to the UnifyPro on top, will see how long it survives.

    And concerning the Unify Pro with 5V: I connected it to the 5V pins on the FC… but it transmitted only B/W stripes proportional to the beeping of the FC.. so i thought… let’s mount it the David-Way on 6V. The unify Pro says up to 5.5V… and 6V roasted it in seconds. Already ordered a HV version.

    Btw, do you know your things with reversing rotation under BLHeli suite? i need some help. If you’d be so nice, plz contact me under [email protected]


    Haha, I use the HV version as well now for the same reason, just easier not to worry about it.

    Have you tried the BLHeli chrome app? Much, MUCH more user friendly and easier than BLHeliSuite. I highly recommend it, but I can help with BLHeliSuite if you need help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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