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    Was able to capture a frame from your video. It appears that the “old” firmware is still loaded, not the firmware from the 24th. The first attached screen is your firmware configuration, the 2nd is mine. Hopefully getting the firmware from the 24th loaded will solve this issue.

    It looks like you might not have had the firmware update pointing to the new tlfw file. You can either replace the existing one in the build folder, or simply place it on you desktop or other convenient location, and point the firmware loader to that file (“Open File” button at the top) before hitting flash. When it’s pointing to the correct file, you should see the 3813997336 CRC in the “loaded” pane. After flashing, the same CRC should appear in the “on device” pane.



    Any reason your using sync-pwm for the esc protocal? Last time i checked, the current esc’s can Run Muli / D-Shot, which should allow for smoother motor response.

    Anyways, my copter(s) is/are sat on my desk for when we’re past all the holiday craziness. Just as well i suppose as outside it’s V-cold, foggy and about to snow (again).

    BTW: I have been eye’n the Emax Tinyhawk whoop as an into to FPV for my son. Far as i know of this uses the Matek F411 F4FC, built in ESC’s and brushless motors. For all intensive purposes this should feel and fly more like a quad than a whoop.




    Only reason is the Baby Tri has Lil’Bee 20 amp esc’s which don’t support the newer protocols. It will get updated some day…..


    No GPS possibility. DO not know how to turn it on. Notice: In latest build Tailtune is Called ServoCal.


    And no BARO!


    “No GPS possibility”
    “And no BARO!”

    All correct, at this point in time. F3Fc target was originally implemented around the racing version, where there is no baro, and in my case, there was no need for GPS.

    I’m pretty sure mag will fit in the available flash space, and GPS too, but only for telemetry purposes.

    I don’t think the external mag and navigations will fit, as flash space on the F3 processors is very tight.

    Edit: Took a look at things, baro, gps, and external mag will fit in flash, but none of the gps related flight modes will fit. So the gps can only be used for telemetry purposes. Not high on the todo list, need to get the other things in work onto my main branch first.


    Did you ever get a Triflight target for the Kakute AIO V2 from Lauka?…….I have searched throughout the forum and github but I can’t seem to find it.
    I’ve attempted the dRonin triflight firmware but I prefer the BF GUI for now, just need a hex file for the new Kakute F4!.


    Nope, I got nothing from Lauka. Put flying in general on the back burner for the winter, figure I’d try BetaFlight 4.0 when it comes out…


    Hello Joseph.

    Are you planning in some point to share the plas of your tricopter design?


    Hello Jbarboxa,

    I am sorry I don’t have plans for my design, I have just started with doing some paper drawings, transferring that detail to a large sticky label which I attached to the carbon sheet and cut things out by hand. The easiest to make was the base frame because it is quite straight forward, the harder ones were the side frames which initially I made from cardboard until I got the shape right and then I did the same process to cut out the side frames. The tail mechanism is basically the same mechanism I have made for a few Tricopter’s and refined over time. I don’t have a cad system so no drawing. I can give you some rough dimensions if that helps.

    Regards, Joseph.


    Hi, I’ve been scouring RCExplorer and google but can’t find any sign of the BF3.2.2 Triflight for a Revolution/OmnibusF4 target. Before I give up, thought I’d ask in here if one exists?

    [Edit: nevermind, I’m going to give BF4.1.0 with the new feedforward 2 for the yaw boost a go…]


    Still nobody could reach Lauka?

    I need the repository for the rebased to rebase with my BF custom and to build different targets 🙁


    “Betaflight 3.2.2 rebased Triflight” are you sure this repo has betaflight 3.2.2 rebased in? I don’t find that rebase commit…
    I want to rebase my 3.4 beta repo into triflight and needs as close hash as possible to do it.


    looks like Lauka’s version 3.2.2 v2 has disappeared from the Server. Does anyone have a copy of the rcexplorerf3.hex? Still on 0.7 and would like to move forward, what’s the status? Is triflight and with it, the servo feedback/tail tuning feature gone?

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