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    The RSSI feature must not be enabled if you’re using RSSI ADC for feedback. It says that also on the github page:) I don’t see why the RC6 pin (EXT1) wouldn’t work also on rev6 baze.


    @lauka I had a hard time identifying the RC6 pin on the Naze32 Rev6 board. I find Dominics syntax quite confusing. He uses “Value” “PIN” and “Identifier” but does not define the terms. Often times when I read his documentation I find my self thinking: “What the heck are you talking about/referring to?!?”

    Would RC6 be marked as PIN 6 or PIN 8? Since PIN 6 is USART2 RX, it would make most sense to me (being a Rx), but what do I know?!?


    sorry guys, I think this conversation is turning too advanced for normal people.
    could you please let me know what I should test? should I connect the servo feedback wire to the CHN6, CHAN2? Should I activate the RSSD ADC? or I just have to flash the Naze32 with the triflight_NAZE.hex file and business as usual (I mean, connect the wire to the CHN6?
    thanks in advance


    Hi guys,
    I have a frsky x8r connected via sbus to pin 4 and the servo feedback wire to pin 6 of the integrated naze board. I am on triflight 5 beta2. Everything is working fine. But I would also like to get telemetry working, to see the voltage on the Tanaris. From what I read that should be possible by connecting the smart port to pin 5 and 6, but pin 6 is occupied by the servo feedback wire. Is there any way to have all 3 features? Sbus, Servo feedback and telemetry?
    Another thing is my board reports 25.5V in clean flight configurator. So I guess I have a board with those switched components. Is there any other way to get a correct reading then switching them? I fear my solder skills are not up to the task.

    Oh and the servo setup without configurator feature is really great, thanks Lauka.
    But when I ran the final calibration step on the bench. I got strongly fluctuating servo speed readings when running it multiple times in a row, in the range from 230 to 290. I did not touch or move anything in between the calibrations. I powered the tri via a 5V adapter directly to the board so the voltage should be stable. I will try it also with the lipo attached. Maybe the power adapter is to weak or unstable?

    Thanks for any help.



    @Jan – did you ever find an answer to getting all three features working at the same time?


    Hey jimbo,
    no unfortunately not, i removed the servo feedback wire for now and set it to VIRTUAL again.
    But fell in love with the F3 board when i saw it anyways,
    gonna place an order as soon as it becomes available.


    does it work with the BMS-22HV cause the servo is 2~3 times faster and it’s almost the same


    Yes you can add the servo feedback wire to the BMS-22HV in the same way you would to the BMS-210DMH.


    Hello I want add feedback wire in my servo, but in middle pin 0,6-1,7v . Will work fedback in this case?


    Looking at the docs for triflight, except for the RCExplorer board, none of the other boards detail where the feedback wire should be connected.
    Where should it be connected? Is it the same for all boards?

    My guess would be:
    motor 1,2,3 = motors
    motor 4 = servo
    motor 5 = feedback

    I’m using the BFF3 board, it has only 4 motor pins, so that doesn’t look like its supported anyway 🙁

    I’m a bit stuck here.


    You connect the feedback wire to a free ADC input pin.

    Then you configure in CLI which pin you connected it to: set tri_servo_feedback = VIRTUAL | RSSI | CURRENT | EXT1

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