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    Post pictures, specifications, frustrations and solutions to the wiring challenge 🙂


    I dilled a 8,5 mm hole in the upper plate for the ESC and servo signal wires. (front, middle of the KK2 board. I managed to push, squeeze in the power leads, but I don’t like it.) The good news is it fly’s, today first attempt, and carefully successful. I tried to build the 2.5 version less successful.
    Maybe we could use one of these, and make a hole in the bottom for the battery cable ?

    Or use the ‘coffin’ lay-out to have more room for add-on’s


    I dRilled a 8,5 mm hole……


    I started with this wiring harness:


    After trying a number of things, I replaced the bullet leads with about 3cm of 18 gauge wire. That helps a LOT, and you don’t need 6 cables, a few cm each of the heavy gauge wire. It does take some soldering skill and a lot of pre-tinning. I held the three leads together with a rubber band while soldering.

    When the arms fold back, they make some pretty effective scissors, so I’ve found it safer to bring wires out of the front.

    The battery leads come out one side of the front, and the servo/ESC leads come out the other side of the front.

    Next up is a bit of cleanup. I’m considering powering the tail servo directly from the BEC on the Afro ESC. Also, I may run only the signal wires to the ESCs and servo, since the power and grounds are redundant.


    Got the harness from hobbyking as well, but it would not fit.

    Used the 2mm bullet connectors from the Afro 20A slim ESCs to create a custom harness with XT60 connector to 3x 2mm bullet connectors. Power out to UBEC (Flip32+ and GoPro/808#16 camera), camera tray LED, FPV and Voltage monitoring on the Flip32+ board.

    Used custom frame (50mm nose width and 150mm overall length) to fit UBEC in the nose.

    18AWG from XT60 to bullet connectors (Afro ESC uses 20AWG). 18AWG to motors. 24AWG from harness to UBEC, LED and voltage monitoring.


    I shaved a bit of the bottom of the front spacer off so I could fit the PDB partially under it, then I cut off the two corners closest to the booms.


    Nice Steezus! Very clever


    I did the exact same as that harness… Thought I was being original. Anyway, it seems like the best to me given the space. I also notched the rear side of the front booms so folding back doesn’t move the wire at all.


    Maybe something like this 🙂 ??



    Well to be honest i never have liked power distribution frames mainly because i hate soldering but also because i always seem to rip the wires out of the solder.

    The way i did the wiring was to use the bullet connectors that came on the escs then merge both sets of positive and negative wires and put those into bullets then i had a xt60 with bullets in the other end lying around so i just plugged that in and away i went. Not having bullet connectors between the frame pieces seemed to make it really easy.


    Don’t use the 3.5 mm bullets on the escs. They are just too big. Soldering wires directly is always better.


    i know but im kind of a soldering noob so any time i have to solder directly to a pcb it scares me…


    Hmmm interesting Guys..
    I have my V3 set up with the hobbyking loom.. all fits nice.
    As a David has sold so many kits would it be possible to look at a right angle PBD board that fits just behind the block but also has a thin stop of PBD that runs back the rear boom.
    picks up on the servo and ESC’S wire.
    The PBD then has the ESC’S and servo output in one corner of the PBD on the back of the front plate while on the other side it has the Battery leads.
    Also would like to see a 90amp built in voltage sensor and 5 volt because out.
    I can see this system as a winner as no one makes one yet..

    Joe Harper

    the hobby king wire harness uses 18 gauge wire which is cool and groovy so long as you are using 20A ESC’s. If you are using 30A ESC’s like me then 18 Gauge is supposedly inadequate. Rule of thumb says that you need 16 gauge for more than 25A ESC’s.

    Anyone running 18 Gauge on their 30A ESC’s? Are you having any issues? it is hard getting the thicker wire through the arms along with my ESC leads and my tail servo lead.


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