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    Hey all,

    Wondering what you guys would recommend for my first transmitter/receiver setup. Looking to get into more serious tri or quad copters and need a transmitter and receiver. I have a budget of $350 (maybe more if I earn some more) for the whole project including the aircraft. Maybe get David’s tricopter kit? Idk. I want a receiver that will last me a few years and possibly a transition into FPV. Anything will help and Happy New Year!


    I’d recommend you sit down and list the components you need to get going. It sounds like you have no R/C equipment what so ever?

    You have 2 options: Go cheap or go all in. With a cheap Tx/Rx setup it will not last you a few years and it will not be optimal for PFV. On the other side it will get you into the hobby. If money is tight, I would go with the cheapest 6ch Tx/Rx combo I could find like Hobbykings Budget 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 2) This will get you going with the hobby and is really cheap. If you stick to the hobby, I highly recommend the FrSky Taranis X9D 🙂

    Robert C

    I had a transmitter similar to the Hobbyking budget set (just another sticker) to use with some foamies. I would NOT buy it. The sticks feel horrible, but that’s something personal. What really bothers me is the fact that it had no channel reverse or digital trims on any of the channels. To change any of that you need a separate cable and some software. So it takes ages to setup, is non intuitive and you wont be able to change anything at the field if you don’t pack a laptop or something.

    So for cheap, go for a second hand Dx6i or something.
    If you want something that lasts, go with what Terje said.

    If you buy supercheap now you will buy something better in a few months and end up paying twice…

    If you buy the kit and the recommended setup I would say that you can’t really beat that for the price, but if you have to buy everything from scratch, the budget is really tight.


    This is the topic I’ve waited for: I’ve been browsing and googling for the past week(s) for a transmitter with a good price/quality/feature relation.

    I bought my DX6i 2 years ago but I already had (most probably) two crashes due to a connection loss (using the European standard, 100mW?) on a distance of around 100m (Blade heli) and 300-400m (HH plane).

    For future flying adventures (most probably with a tricopter obviously) I’d like to prevent a crash at (almost) all costs. So changing the transmitter would be my first idea.

    The FrSky Tanaris costs around 180 Euro (on HK) – this is a little pricy if I compare it to the cost of the tricopter (all in all ca. 200-220 Euro).
    Alternatively there’s the Turnigy 9xr Pro that’s by far more cheap (80 Euro) and seems to have everything the FrSky has BUT telemetry (which I don’t need yet).

    However I also need a module for my transmitter – this is where it gets tricky: Hobbyking released an “OrangeRX Open LRS” (25 Euro) module on 433 mhz for ranges around 3 to 5 km. Even though “programming skills” are required it can’t be too hard for me to configure it.

    There seems to be no other rx/tx which is capable of such a range in that price segment. So lately this is #1 on my list. Can anyone either confirm my thoughts or show me an alternative? Is the tx/rx combination known David uses for his drone? Thanks in advance.


    I too had some problems with low RSSI (knowing this due to telemetry on the Taranis) when flying my Bixler2. After watching Davids videos I figured out it was due to the stock antennae on the X8R combined with the placement right next to the ESC. On my tricopter I have had no issues with low or critical signal.

    I really use telemetry to be aware of cell voltage, altitude and signal strenth with audio call outs and warnings 🙂 Also audio feedback on switch activation and minute call. Drives my R/C club buddies crazy though 😉


    Thanks for the replies. I am looking for a “stick to it” kind of transmitter system that I can use with all of my models. I have a collection of about 5 nitro planes and some heli’s. but the transmitter(s) either came with the model or are outdated. Want a system thats versatile enough for those as well as tricopters or quadcopters.

    Would the FrSky Taranis X9D be good for that or should I look at something else?


    honestly if you want one to stick around for a looooooooong time get the 9 channel gruapner they are so nice and come with tons of features or if you think itll suit you you can get the six channel.


    I actyou ly bought the taranis. It’s a really versatile radio with the ability to use other modules. It’s not the easiest radio to get your hands on even if you have the money. But combined with the x8r for less than 200 us dollars. It’s a really nice deal. Also it can bind with the older frsky receivers. Receiver’s cost from 20 to 35 dollars. It’s a little overwhelming at first to program it, but worth the time. Something I like is the programmable fail safe. If you lose your signal and sometimes it happens you can program your fail safe to either cut the signal or flying in circles or cut the throttle by 50%. There is nothing worse than a flyaway!


    I was in same situation like you, was looking for the trasmitter that i will choose to start this hobby. Finaly came up with 2 options, the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus and the Hitec Aurora 9. I’ve finaly ordered the Aurora 9.
    Both have their pros and cons.Forgot to mention that i bought it from second hand through ebay.I got mine Hitec Aurora 9 Tx through auction with 130euro plus 45euros for the Rx.Its really a good idea to start having a lower budget.An other auction on ebay.de , for an Aurora 9 Tx with optima 9 & optima 7 Rx and hpp-22 programmer sold for 160Euro. It really worth getting second hand Tx. Ofc be carefull for the user feedback.

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