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    Hey guys- need a little help/advice. I got the LR frame and when I was ordering parts, I ordered the kakute f7 thinking the remap for servo would be the same. After I learned (I think) that Dronin doesn’t support f7 boards I reverted to betaflight in hopes of saving the project.

    Once in betaflight I was able to get everything working- servo showing movement with the yaw stick on motor tab, and when I rotate on the yaw axis but no movement to the servo. I’ve tried remapping several different ways but have found no reference anywhere except to work off of what I could find in f4 support.

    Do I need to abandon the f7 board and just go for an f4? I really hate doing that because it feels like the f4 is probably nearing the end of life as far as quad electronics goes. And If I do need to just go with f4 is the kakute f4 AIO acceptable?
    Thanks for any help/advice you guys can give



    There’s a lot of life left in F4 boards. The F7’s obviously have more room for growth, and they are a little more convenient wrt uart use with the built in inverters on every port.

    Currently dRonin does not support F7’s, and likely (unfortunately) never will.

    Can you explain what you’ve done with the remapping? I can say with certainty that the servo will need to be remapped to either the M5, M6, or LED output, not one of the M1 thru M4 outputs. I’d try M5.

    Now for some speculation:

    None of the six outputs appear to be setup for servo use. A simple software change to one file “should” fix that if the above remapping attempt does not work. (From what Ive seen, the few F7 boards I’ve looked at are not tricopter friendly.)

    It’s also possible that it could be fixed by using BetaFlight’s new unified target feature, and modifying the hardware description file. Hard to say without 100% certainty without having a board in hand.

    So if you’re adventurous, and remapping doesn’t work, I’ve attached a hex file that “should” enable the servo function on the M5 output. I believe M1 will be the rear motor, M2 right, M3 left, or you might be able to play with the motor remapping to suit your wiring.

    Standard disclaimer, I’ve never touched an F7 board, but if the servo operates correctly, it should be safe to fly. You might be the first with and F7 equipped LR!



    Thanks for the quick reply- as far as remapping- Ive eliminated the resource and replaced m5, m6, and LED with servo 1. Tried with betaflight 3.5.7 and the 4.0. Thanks for the hex, but I haven’t dealt with hex files since multiwii. I’m not so sure I’d know where/how to insert it correctly in BF. I’ve pretty much spent most of the last month getting a the tricopter done and setting up a fresh qx7 with zero experience in programming either lol. I can put the f7 in a quad I have waiting to be done, so I may just get an f4 and be done with it. If I do that would the kakute F4 AIO setup with the same resource commands as the non AIO?



    It’s not hard to load the hex file. On the BetaFlight configurator, in the lower right corner of the firmware flashing page, is an option to pick a local file. Navigate to where you placed the hex file, select it, and flash.

    From your description, I think the hex will work. Simply define the motor 5 resource as none, and the servo 1 resource as whatever the pin was for M5.

    The F4 AIO board should work fine with the existing target files.



    I flashed the hex, did a local insert and flash went ok but still no signal on m5-I’m willing to try other stuff but I’ve got the regular f4 version kakute ordered as of just now, I want to get this thing done and airborne- this is the only thing that’s holding me up and I only really wanted the f7 for the extra speed. Maybe one of the Devs will fix it in the future.\
    Thanks again for the help

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