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    Was thinking a butterfly clutch as well. Easy, cheap and they work well.
    I’m having a hard time waiting 😀 Thinking of ordering one from shapeways 😀 Or should I wait?



    Adding the peg to the original file might make it easier to assemble? On the other hand might sky rocket the price ($9.95 + handling and shipping as it is now)

    By the way: Scaled it to 20mm and printed it yesterday. I like the size, but detail is lost. Also too small for Shapeways.


    Can you try adding the peg to the original file? would love to try it on shape ways to see what it does to the price.



    Sure as soon as I get home from work 🙂

    Please specify the precise length of the pin, the diameter and the distance from the base to the ring indent and how deep and wide the indent is. (Sorry, I don’t own a pin to take measurements from)


    8mm tall, 1.15mm wide, indent at 3.35mm down from top (sharp end) of the pin, indent really hard to measure but guesstimation; 0.8 or 0.9mm wide, and roughly 0.4 tall.



    I’m in the other side of the pond but the part I printed last night should be done once I head into work. I’ll put photos up. Also I can add the post and print again to test for the pin back and/or @Terje can to the original file.


    Ooo I’m so exited! Can’t wait to see the pictures 😀



    Here is the first go round. I’ll add the pin post and give it another shot, the top got a little out of round when I wasn’t so careful in removing the support.

    I think the only thing the will potentially need to modified in the original file would be to raise the plate part of the copter a little bit and add a little bit larger fillet radius.

    Another one with the post is printing as we speak.



    Finally managed to edit the pin and validate it on Shapeways. Find it at Thingiverse. Did a 20mm pin also, but had to heavily modify it to get it validated.

    The 20mm is subtle and would look nice on a black tie 😉

    – As you can see from the rendering, it does lose detail and proportions when scaled down.



    Printed it with the pin back, will see that it works.



    Just checked the pricing on Shapeways (to Denmark or Sweden) Polished Bronze Steel:

    20mm pin: $9.06
    30mm pin: $12.26
    Shipping: $11.88
    VAT (25%): $6.64

    Total: $39.84

    Estimated delivery: 28-29 January.

    In the US:

    20mm pin: $7.25
    30mm pin: $9.81
    Shipping: $4.99
    TAX (0%): $0

    Total: $22.05

    Estimated delivery: 26-28 January


    Looks great @stephen 😀 Cant wait to see it cast 🙂

    Hey @terje, can you raise the tricopter frame part a little bit to create a bit more 3D effect and really show off the frame outline.

    I’m really itching to order one 😀 A 20mm-25mm would be nice as it would look great on a tie or on a fancy jacket 🙂

    Would it be possible to request a 25mm version with raised tricopter frame terje? 😀



    Hi @david, could you define raised tricopter frame?

    How about a 40mm keychain while you’re at it? 😉

    – I’ll see what I can do about it this evening 😀


    That is awesome!
    Heck Yes! I need that for reasons!

    I was thinking making the tricopter plate in the middle a bit thicker, You have it a bit raised now i think, but just pupping it up a bit would be nice 🙂


    Got a modified file from Terje 🙂 Went ahead and ordered one from Shapeways to see how it looks.
    Estimated arrival is February 1-2
    Can’t wait 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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