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    Just got the Tricopter V3 kit in mail. Well packaged and looking cool. With the big Hobby King delivery arriving today as well, I know what I’ll be doing during the Christmas holidays… 🙂

    Thanks, David, for being so awesome and spiffy! I have to say the cake is a lie, though.


    I got my kit today. It’s awesome! Even the packing is great. Can’t wait to build it.

    Thanks David and Merry Christmas!


    Order: #7448

    Is up and flying! After ruining the first KK2 board, HK delivered me a new one today. After watching your KK2 video again,I hear you mumble about plugging in the servo before the motors, and that could damage the KK2 board. I think that is what happened. (I missed that part the first time I watched it)
    I understand now why David is so nuts about this tricopter. Follow his instructions on the setups and it fly’s AWESOME! Thanks David!

    The only thing different on my tricopter, the motors are 850kv. (they were laying around) This thing is so stable on Davids settings, I was able to pick up the camera and snap pictures while flying with my left hand! It is that stable!


    Looks great dogdirt 🙂 Love seeing pictures of other peoples builds 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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