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    I am trying to rebuild my “retro” 3.5 Tricopter NAZE32 version , but I seem to miss somthing …
    I don’t seem to find the original CLI dump that you have to copy into Cleanflight when you configure the 3.5Naze version …

    Or better yet , what is the latest version I can use on this naze board with the servo that hasn’t got the feedback wire . I tried the hex files that are used on the V4 build video(betaflight and cleanflight) but I don’t seem to get them working … To use these files is a servo with feedback wire necessary ?

    grts Robby


    Dave Mak

    The original cleanflight / triflight 0.5 based configuration can be found on the V4 product page in the “tab” for “Preconfigured Cleanflight Setup” next to the “Description” tab about midway down the page.

    I believe that any of the triflight / cleanflight / betaflight builds will work without the feedback wire, with the main difference being in how the tail tune (workbench & in-air) will work in the triflight variants.

    If you use the .5 version of triflight, you will need to download an older Cleanflight Configurator and install that manually. I believe it’s the same version as the 1.13 versions of cleanflight.

    If you install the newer .7b1 version of triflight, the latest Betaflight configurator will work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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