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    That is simply awesome! Great work lauka 🙂

    Flashed the F3FC acro board without problems. Some stuff in the default that made me go: huh?

    – Seems like the enabled MSP on serial 1 is messing the S.BUS setting up?

    serialrx_provider = SPEK1024 -> I would have preferred: serialrx_provider = S.BUS (X4R-SB)
    serial 0 1 115200 57600 0 115200 -> I would have preffered: serial 0 64 115200 57600 0 115200

    Exiting CLI disconnects the board? Setting auto-connect lets you work normally with it though.

    Then enabled SerialRx while MSP was still enabled on UART1: Seems to have bricked the board?!?
    Tried with my secondary board (got two) – would not connect either. Restarted my Mac, still no connect. Reflashed the board, disabled MSP on UART1 and enabled SerialRx. Seems to be working…


    Those are all Cleanflight 1.13 features I believe. MSP is set for UART1 as default. SPEKTRUM1024 is set as default.

    Not sure about CLI rebooting the board but I believe it’s in Cleanflight as well.

    I’d like to keep it as close to Cleanflight as possible for easier merging and finally pulling back to Cleanflight in future.



    I’m using the original DYS 2208 setup. Do is still need to paste these in CLI settings?

    set p_pitch = 43
    set i_pitch = 30
    set d_pitch = 26
    set p_roll = 49
    set i_roll = 30
    set d_roll = 48
    set p_yaw = 170
    set i_yaw = 45
    set d_yaw = 45
    set roll_rate = 75
    set pitch_rate = 75
    set yaw_rate = 75
    set tri_motor_acc_yaw_correction = 16
    set gyro_soft_lpf = 90.000

    What about CAN support?
    But by all means I love these updates THANKS!


    Reminder to everyone updating to 0.5 (or any other version that wipes the configuration) and using a servo feedback wire: Remember to rerun the servo speed calibration! If you don’t do this the FW doesn’t know the position of the servo. Pitch back in unarmed tail tune mode. This will rewrite the servo calibration to configuration. The calibration parameters are not in CLI so you can’t copy them from previous version.

    I will add this to the release notes also.


    Great timing, I hope to maiden mine this weekend 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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