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    If you are new to tricopters, I recommend Triflight 0.5. It has the user-friendly tail-tune features and works well to get you in the air quickly, and all the how-to videos are geared for Triflight 0.5. You can use Betaflight, but setting it up requires a bit of extra work since it doesn’t have Lauka’s special code like Triflight, and of course you’ll be tuning completely from scratch rather than getting decently tuned default values.


    Ok thanks.
    This leeds to another question then.
    Is serial passthrough possible with cleanflit/triflight to configure micro MinimOSD when connected tp UART 1 or 3 as it is possible in betaflight and very very handy…?


    Short answer: yes, sort of. Long answer: I have a minimOSD on my baby tricopter, and I can connect, and change settings, but when I hit save, it freezes about halfway through the data transmission. As a result, only some of the changes I make stick. So for me, it kind of works (it works well enough that I can get the data I really want on the OSD, the rest I can live without). Most likely there is something wrong with my setup, so your mileage may vary.


    lkaino wrote:

    @bhuism: I could take a look. Do the Aikon ESCs support dshot?


    If you still can look at the DMA/Channel mapping (seems to be the issue) for dshot would be great, I don’t get the ST datasheet on this subject. I stopped at the i8051 architecture 🙂

    Here it says that a PPM pin could be a dshot capable pin, to me this does not seem to be the case with a F3FC.

    The maximum number of motors on dshot is 2, with this resource mapping:

    resource MOTOR 1 A08 (official motor 1 pin)
    resource MOTOR 2 B08 (led strip pin, official pin a07 does not work)
    resource MOTOR 3 A01 <– not working (official pin b00 does not work)

    maybe thats a start?


    Interesting…. Cleanflight 2.x is now based on the Betaflight v3.1 code, it’s currently identical except for the version name and msp flight controller identifier.
    As seen here: Cleanflight Releases



    I would like to hear lauka’s comment on new Cleanflight release. Especially plans for Triflight.


    This is very interesting. It’s basically like Cleanflight hit the reset button. I too wonder what it means for @lkaino. I know he said there were some things that needed to be added to Betaflight in order to make Triflight more easily implemented there, but I guess his hand is forced now. Sort of a double-edged sword. Nice to have cleanflight move forward but that probably also will stall Triflight for a while.


    Not quite sure what Dominic’s intention is there. Painless360 video didn’t give much info. Maybe he has idead for some new features that he will implement on top of Betaflight code base.

    Doesn’t change the effort for the merge as I will anyways do it on Betaflight.


    I know that this is a bit off topic, but I have a question about tail tune on Triflight 0.5. I tried the in-flight tail tune and followed all of the instructions in the video (didn’t touch the sticks, disarmed before turning off tail tune, etc.). Now, whenever I fly backwards with the copter, the yaw drifts quite considerably (nose left, tail right). I’m doing everything exactly how the build and Triflight videos specified, and the tricopter didn’t behave this way before I did the tune.

    Any ideas on what the possible cause could be or how this can be fixed? Is there a CLI command to reset the tail tune settings?

    Thanks in advance 😀 !


    What copter do you have and what is the thrust factor now after the tune?

    Also, irrelevant here, but what is your yaw I gain?


    @lkaino Thanks for the fast response! The copter is the Tricopter v4 with the stock power pack (Aikon ESCs) and 8×5 props on a 3S 2200mAh battery. My yaw I gain is the same as on the PIDs from the product page (20) unless the tail tune changes that value.

    How do I find out the thrust factor (sorry if it’s a simple question; this is my first time using Triflight)?


    @The-One-Who-Never-Crashes: please check first post this topic: https://rcexplorer.se/forums/topic/tail-tune-results/.

    @sree: While searching for above topic, I stumbled upon your post about the formula. I inputted it to Wolfram Alpha based on your post. Did you have the braces at incorrect place or?


    As someone who knows nothing about programming, instead of porting triflight to merge it with betaflight, what about merging it with iNav? I realise this is probably a silly idea but I’m genuinely curious as to whether that is even possible.


    @me-tan If I’m not mistaken, Triflight and iNav are firmwares, while CleanFlight and BetaFlight are configurators, so I’m not sure that would make sense.


    Do you have timetable or road map when to expect new Betaflight based Triflight?

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