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    bhuism I am using 247 for the scale factor on my BFF3 board…and thanks for the info on the F3FC.




    @phasor I managed to get DSHOT600 working on the F3FC board with Triflight 0.7beta2, which I have softmounted to my stock Mini Tricopter, haven’t tried the IntegratedF3FC but I’m pretty sure it will be the same process.

    Firstly, I had to remove the filter caps from the Aikon 30a ESC’s

    Once that is done I set the motor protocol to DSHOT600 in betaflight, and I found that MOTOR 2 worked fine but MOTOR 1 and MOTOR 3 didn’t respond(via motors tab). This is due to these outputs not having the appropriate DMA channel availability on the actual board, so through trial and error(and thread searching) I found that the PPM and LED pins could be re-assigned to be motor outputs via the resource function in betaflight/triflight.

    So, what worked for me via CLI tab:

    resource MOTOR 1 NONE
    resource MOTOR 2 NONE
    ‘this clears the motors current assignments’

    resource MOTOR 1 A01
    resource MOTOR 2 B08

    You might get a notification about the LED resource already being assigned, but it seems to work fine anyway.
    So now you need to move the signal wires for the two ESC’s to their respective new pins(motor 1 to the PPM pin, motor 2 to the LED pin). Viola!!

    I had my first FPV flight this morning on the Mini Tricopter(Emax stock hardware, F3FC with triflight0.7 beta2 mostly stock settings) and it worked great!!



    I have the F3FC & Racerstar RS30A lite
    Triflight 0.7beta2 -> DShot ist NOT working, multishot works fine.
    With DShot no (DShot) beeps, not motor spins.



    How’s the Beta 2 flying for you? Could finalize the 0.7 soon if it’s working okay.

    I’m going to test a new way of controlling the tail soon. I think it should be better but not sure if it will get to 0.7.



    Finally got mine up and it was terrible yaw was twitching all over the place hardly able to fly it. Reduced the yaw d term down to 40 and is much better in the hover but all over the place on throttle so backed down the yaw correction back down to 4 and again is better. Tried a tailtune but I got nothing after the countdown beeps and also tried fpv but the yaw swings wildly with no input and is hard to keep a heading. I’ll try some other things then report back



    Got maiden FPV on my second Baby Tri with Beta2. A lot of yaw oscillations with default settings. Need to adjust PIDs and yaw settings as well as power/voltage.

    Baby Tri #2 TriFlight 0.7 Beta2




    That’s weird. Maybe I put the defaults in wrong, I didn’t test them. Mine was a lot more solid.

    Did you do a full flash erase? The new betaflight might have changed the config structure.



    I always do a full erase when flashing and also do a reset/save from CLI afterwards. Could be the motor/prop combo I’m using. I have Cobra 2207/2450kv motors and DALPROP 5045 Tri blades. I’ll try to get out to the field again tomorrow. I’ll flash my other baby tri with Beta2 and take a couple different sets of props to try on both. Didn’t have my openlager hooked up, so no blackbox. I’ll take that tomorrow too. I have a plug on both for logging. It does great at full throttle, but half throttle and cruising speed is rough.




    I went ahead and re-flashed both and configured from scratch. We’ll see how they do at the field later today. The other thought was that I had serial blackbox logging enabled even though my openlager was not connected. Could try disabling that too.

    @lkaino What motors and props do you use for testing?




    @litterbug: I’m using the stock hardware for the baby. Yours has more power so you might need to reduce the yaw gains.



    @lkaino, Both of my BabyTri builds have non-standard motors. 2206 2100kv on one, and 2207 2450kv on the other. Had them both out at the field today starting from scratch. Did disarmed tailtune but did not do in-flight on either. Left the thrustfactor at default 54 on both. Was VERY windy so it wasn’t even worth trying a inflight tailtune. I also switched from the DALPROP 5045 Tri props to lighter Strix 5045 Tri props. Both of them flew very well considering how windy and gusty it was. Still waggly especially in propwash or backing into the wind, but could probably tune it out considerably. Tried a few different sets of props on both. Props can have a big affect on the handling. I’m debating throwing a set of the “stock” EMAX motors and Gemfan props on my original baby so I have one build close to yours. I’m running 5V to the servo on both. What voltage are you running? I’m also running Tattu 4S 1550mah 75C batteries.




    @lkaino, mine flies great again, no yaw anymore after rolls, or other strange yaw behavior, almost all defaults, except P and D yaw. For some reason the servo min+middlemax was 300+ points off, maybe from a crash the servo shifted. After an unarmed tail tune everything was fine again. I think, this also explains the constant high yaw I.


    # diff
    # Triflight 0.7 Beta 2 / BETAFLIGHTF3 3.1.7 Jun 4 2017 / 13:24:55 (1698ba5)
    name baby
    resource MOTOR 1 B07
    resource MOTOR 4 NONE
    resource MOTOR 5 NONE
    resource MOTOR 6 NONE
    resource MOTOR 7 NONE
    resource MOTOR 8 NONE
    resource MOTOR 9 NONE
    resource SERVO 1 B09
    resource PPM 1 NONE
    servo 5 1091 1941 1515 40 40 100 -1

    map TAER1234
    serial 0 32 115200 57600 0 115200
    serial 2 8192 115200 57600 0 115200
    aux 0 0 0 1300 2100
    aux 1 28 0 1750 2100
    aux 2 26 0 1300 2100
    aux 3 31 1 1300 2100
    rxfail 5 s 1000
    set rssi_channel = 7
    set debug_mode = GYRO
    set digital_idle_percent = 1.120
    set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT150
    set frsky_vfas_precision = 1
    set bat_capacity = 1500
    set ibat_scale = 247
    set gyro_sync_denom = 2
    set deadband = 2
    set yaw_deadband = 2
    set tri_tail_servo_speed = 318
    set tri_servo_feedback = EXT1
    set acc_trim_roll = 8
    set pid_process_denom = 1
    set blackbox_rate_denom = 2
    profile 0

    set p_yaw = 65
    set d_yaw = 20
    rateprofile 0
    rateprofile 0

    set rc_expo = 40
    set rc_yaw_expo = 30
    set thr_expo = 70
    set roll_srate = 75
    set pitch_srate = 75
    set yaw_srate = 65



    @litterbug: I’m running 6V on the servo, is it possible for you to increase the voltage? Prop wash on roll is bad for the yaw, the servo is quite slow to deal with it. You could also try the version with the new yaw control from the other thread when you have time.

    @bhuism: It’s flying good now, the servo setup does make a big difference. But you seem to be mostly hovering? Could there be something wrong in your radio roll gimbal as it’s constantly oscillating back and forth? You could check it on the receiver page in the configurator.



    @lkaino I can increase servo to 6V on my new build for sure. I’ll compare the motor speed before and after to see how much difference it makes. First build will require some 5v rework… I’ll also give the new yaw control version a test too.
    Here’s the RAW FPV feed from Baby Tri #1 with the 2100kv motors. WARNING!! AUDIO LOUD!!




    @litterbug: that seems a bit better than the first one, or what do you think? Have you played around with thw PIDs yet?

    I changed all the angle calculations to float in the other version. I’ll build you and others a new HEXs today (the branch is updated).

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