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    Sorry my mistake…
    I forgot to redo the disarmed tail tune which now completed as it should.

    So, the wire mod was successful but the oscillation is still there.
    I don’t know what else to try.


    Congrats on the feedback wire!

    As i mentioned before. Drop all you I-Terms to 1, Your P-Terms to 15 and D-Terms to 5. Past that, tune as you would a quad. (Same method)

    Another thought, if your frame size / motor spacing is similar to the Tricopter-Mini’s, you could try using the defaults for that as at least it will be close. If i can remember to, I’ll post mine for you later.

    Question: Does the Trifecta website say anything about tuning thats specific for that frame?



    I am not sure that this is a tuning issue since it happens with
    zero throttle, but I will try to tune it from the start.

    No, it does not say anything specific about tuning and the suggested
    servo was complete trash…


    Yeah but it can happen with no throttle… A little no-throttle Wag is fine so long as the copter isn’t shaking itself apart. Come to think of it, the Imposible Tail Mechanism can help you here as I rarely see no-throttle tail oscillations after i upgraded to it.
    Ther are a few variants of this so just find / choose the one that fits your application best.

    A bad tune will cause the Yaw and Pitch to oscillate badly. Both tend to feed off each other too. Had this happen to me before. Just have to get it flying to an acceptable degree and perform the inflight tail tune. The copter will “Learn” the servo and set the correct amount of Yaw compensation. Till then, Reduce or remove the Yaw I-Term as this is most likely to cause the tail to go beserk. After that tune your PID’s, adding I-Term last.

    If you have a spare Servo, you could swap it out and see if it makes a difference. I have my Servos mounted for quick disconnect so i dont have to solder them on. I assume that your motors and propellers are in good shape?

    Note: The Bluebird BMS-385 is really good, Its the same one that i modded. Motor is bigger amd provides more torque, while weighing the same as the standard servo David recommends.

    Question: What ESC protocal are you using and did you calibrate the throttle range if not using D-Shot?



    The best I could do was with yaw PIDs of 7,5,2… A bit sluggish
    but no oscillation in the air. The oscillation on the bench remains.
    It had a ‘hard’ landing on the yaw axis and now the servo is shot.
    When you start the bench tail tune the servo instead of going to
    the left position, it never stops rotating. I will have to open it
    to see what is going on but I will order another one anyway.


    Dont worry about bench wag. Getting It in the air without wag is all that matters.

    Side note: Some Gyros behave better than others. Even with the same FC from the same manufacture can behave totally different. If your having major issues see if you can pick up a secondary FC to swap in. Further more make sure that all the wiring going to-from the FC has some slack in it to prevent them becoming conduits for vibration.


    I still think that there is a problem with the current beta release.
    They have tried to make the yaw linear through the whole range and
    while its quite linear, when you pass from the center position it
    goes much faster. Maybe this is what is causing oscillations when
    the yaw is centered.


    Its pretty much agreed upon that for some the earlier releases work better. No one has really figured out why yet. I suspect this has lead to delays with further releases.


    Maybe this is the cause. That the center yaw movement is exponential
    and not linear.

    I would have to wait for the next release.
    I hope they will fix it because I like the trifecta.
    7″ props with long flight time and it folds into a tiny package.


    You could roll back to an earlier version of Triflight to see if that solves your issue. I’d suggest trying Triflight 0.6 RC1 or Triflight 0.5. https://github.com/lkaino/Triflight/releases

    Two big concerns I have about the Trifecta:
    *The frame looks like Plastic and probably not very stiff. Thus this can lead to all sorts of weirdness from the tail response due to the frame twisting during Yaw or counter Yaw.
    *The Tail Mechanism is directly supported from the Servo. Hence any impacts to the tail are 100% going to hit the Servo. I’m sure you saw this after your first hard landing.

    Side note: The Baby-Tri is nice as well. Small frame / profile and with the right electronics you can record acro flight without a gopro. This makes it both very portable and able to take a crash or two without always worrying about it coming apart. https://rcexplorer.se/product/babytricopter-kit/ Only down side to it is the battery tends to be slug in such a way as to be farther from the CG then I’d like.


    Actually I did not have this problem in beta 2. I had a different one.
    The tricopter turning in yaw whenever I abruptly decreased throttle.

    “The Tail Mechanism is directly supported from the Servo. Hence any impacts to the tail are 100% going to hit the Servo”. I found out the hard way… 🙂

    Yes, the RCExplorer tricopters seem very well made, but I bought the Trifecta
    frame for $5 from hobbyking… to try out tricopters.

    Nothing like a well tuned quad though..


    My only misgiving about it all thus far is that Triflight doesn’t seam to be well suited for copters with high power to weight ratios. Somewhere along the line it just cant compensate well for an 6S rig like mine. Only other person i know of running an 6S Tricopter is using dRonin instead of Triflight.

    Bando FPV


    I have some old emax escs that still run on PWM and was wondering if it would work on Triflight 0.7 beta 3.


    It would be easy to try it and see. Just make sure your props are off first.

    Bando FPV

    Yup! They work! Super excited to finally build a tricopter!

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