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    Just wondering a couple of things that are not easily found.

    First, can I use the triflight .hex files with betaflight? I like the idea of integrating an OSD with my FC and being able to program it in Betaflight.

    Second does cleanflight and/or triflight support Dshot yet? I assume triflight does not but can cleanflight even run it?

    And third, those of you with the F3 integrated board, is it amazing? I opted for a non integrated board so I could use a Naze32 Rev6 before the integrated f3 was released and now im looking to upgrade to an f3 board and wonder if i should get an integrated RCexplorer board or something brand new with all the new bells and whistles. I really like using a non-integrated board but it does take up A LOT of extra space where there is very little extra space to be had.


    TriFlight and BetaFlight are two different firmwares. They can not be used at the same time. Pick one or the other.

    Right now only the alpha release of BetaFlight supports Dshot. Not even into beta yet.

    I use the F3FC Racing not the integrated, so can’t comment on that…



    First, can I use the triflight .hex files with betaflight?

    You seem to be mixing concepts there. This triflight HEX file IS TriFlight. If you’re using it – you’re using TriFlight.

    DShot is pretty easily portable to CF, but given how slow the development of CF became, I wouldn’t count on it being merged in soon.

    BetaFlight 3.1 is technically in alpha but it’s feature-complete and is going to beta/RC stage soon.


    Sorry all, let me clarify. When asking about using try flight with betaflight I was referring to the betaflight configurator. Just like how you flash triflight onto your FC through the cleanflight configurator I was wondering if the betaflight configurator works the same way?


    From what I’ve heard, support for Dshot is also dependent on the flight controller hardware to some extent. Apparently the mapping between DMA channels and pins matters.

    Do we know yet whether the RCExplorer F3FC flight controller will support DShot if/when it is supported in Triflight?




    Did anybody got betaflight+dshot working on our f3fc? I tried every combination of pins (ie pwm5, pwm6, ppm) I can only get motor 1 reliably to work with dshot.

    @david can you make the schematics public? or can I receive them?

    maybe I can figure it out then,



    Hi Just wondering what ESC protocols does the F3FC support? I have installed in a quad running beta flight and with the Aikon v2’s

    does Dshot, multishot work? and with oneshot which speed?




    Betaflight based triflight has just been release by Lauka.

    Triflight 0.7 Beta 1


    Tried to enable DSHOT150/300 on my 08/2016 Tricopter V4, with no luck. Not sure if it is worth the effort of removing caps on the Aikon 30A ESC’s if there is a limitation in the F3FC frame-board. Did anyone had luck with dshot using this FC?


    Unfortunately it’s a limitation on the F3FC board.

    F3FC was designed before the digital ESC protocols. The requirement of many ADC channels makes it challenging on the smaller CPU chip to have DMA channels available for all motor outputs. One requirement for the board was also to support CAN bus. I still think that the ESC and other communication on board a copter should be implemented using a proper standardized field bus.


    I still don’t get the desire to run DSHOT on everything. Especially anything lower than DSHOT600 which has the same response time as Oneshot125. Just run the F3FC on Oneshot125 or Multishot and save yourself all the headaches.


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