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    Can’t get Triflight to work on TBS Colibri.

    First I can’t get the tilt servo to work with the Colibri set up as tricopter. I installed Triflight on the Colibri board but when I plug the USB in I get “Device Description Request Failed” using Windows 10. When I change the Colibri back to standard Betaflight it is recognized when the USB is connected and can be programed in Cleanflight or Betaflight just fine.

    Triflight seems to require a different driver, I have researched the issue and can’t find a resolution. I would really like to use the TBS Colibri on a tricopter.

    Please advise, thanks for any help. Ed


    Hi community!
    I bought BabyTricopter kit + F3FC racing and PDB and assembled it using as manual David’s video. So, it’s not first my copter and I’m sure all assembled correct. As firmware used Betaflight / RCEXPLORERF3 3.1.0 last build.
    In this setup have next problem – only two motors are spin (all are works fine using servo tester), servo doesn’t moving at all. I’ve attached dump of my settings, please look at and help to teach this bird to fly.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Baby-triCopter.txt

    Thanks for the CLI dump, helps out debugging a lot 🙂

    Fly4props seems to have figured out the motor and servo mapping for the F3FC/RCExplorerF3 board in Betaflight 3.1 in this post 36279:

    resource BEEPER A00
    resource MOTOR 1 A08
    resource MOTOR 2 B00
    resource MOTOR 3 A04
    resource SERVO 1 A07
    resource PPM A01

    Check out Joshua Bardwell video on resource remapping:


    @Terje, thanks a lot for your attention and help.
    Really, after remapping of motors and servo, all are pi?ked up and works!

    Now is the task – tune the servo ) For beginning I’ll try case described in this topic.

    Maybe you also have lifehack for this?


    Hey there I’m wondering for triflight on the Rcexplorer F3FC board what line of code does the servo feedback require? I understand it for other boards just using RSSI or some other thing but what do I need to enable servo feedback on the F3FC board on the FB port? If this has already been answered please link me and my bad, I can’t find the answer.

    Dave Mak

    aoym, if you’re looking to see how the feedback servo is coded in triflight, I believe it here:


    Search for all the lines of code with tailServoADCChannel and you’ll see the relevant bits.


    Dave Mak, I was looking specifically for which to use in this code
    set tri_servo_feedback = VIRTUAL | RSSI | CURRENT | EXT1

    I have found my answer it is RSSI. I missed the part on the product page that said it was feedback/RSSI. Seen here in the description. https://rcexplorer.se/product/f3fc-racing/

    To elaborate, I was looking for which line of code to use to enable the “FB” (Feedback, aka servo feedback) port on the F3FC. The options for the servo feedback code, as listed above are Virtual, RSSI, Current, or EXT1. Obviously FB is not one of the listed option so I suspected it was EXT1, it is actually RSSI. I was just asking if anyone knew which one of the above it was, because I know people use servo feedback but I have not seen anyone state what ADC channel for the F3FC. *I have found it is RSSI I simply missed it on the product page*



    I have purchased the Baby Tricopter electronics kit and having some trouble getting tail tune to work. In the build instructions David says to just shove the servo into the tail tilt mechanism. He doesn’t mention centering the servo.

    My transmitter is set up correctly and in Cleanflight I can see the proper stick movements from the transmitter.

    With USB disconnected and the copter powered, I can enter Tail Tune mode and hear the beep. However, when I roll left or right, the servo is hard over to the left and does not move. When I use yaw, the servo does not move. I can hear the servo humming but it does not move.

    Do I need to center this servo somehow?

    On a lark, I put props on. The copter flies. I just can’t use tailtune.

    I am also posting on FliteTest here:


    I think I may have stayed in DFU mode. Not sure. I re-flashed everything and tried it all again from scratch this morning and can get Tailtune to work all the way through the servo speed test.

    At any rate, I still can’t calibrate the ESCs. They don’t enter programming mode so I guess I have some research to do there. Otherwise the copter flies.


    Are you trying to calibrate the ESCs by using your transmitter, or do you use motor tab in CleanFlight Configurator to give full throttle before powering on the ESCs?


    I tried both. The sliders in Cleanflight were fixed. I had no ability to move them at all and yes I did flip the switch to allow the motors (props off).

    I ditched Cleanflight and went to Betaflight. In Cleanflight with the triflight hex there was no option to turn on any voltage or current monitoring either. In Betaflight it all just worked.

    I flashed the 0_5 and the new 0_7 hex in Cleanflight, no joy. 0_7 allowed me to tail tune (disarmed) but then the limits didn’t save so when I armed the copter the servo pitched hard left and did not move.

    I switched to Betaflight and 0_7 works just fine.

    Root cause, the latest triflight was incompatible with the latest Cleanflight.

    I haven’t tried an armed tail tune yet (disarmed works fine) because of high winds. The copter flies very well without it at this point but once the wind dies down I am eager to try.

    I am still running Oneshot42 as DShot didn’t work. I checked and I do not have the capacitors and no level of DShot ran on this copter. Still, I built this copter in Dec 2014 running SimonK on 3S and this is a HUGE upgrade.


    Posted in Wrong threat. Sorry!


    I recently bought a F3FC tricopter plate and I flashed Triflight 0.7.
    Then I started to configure GPS/MAG (Ublox NEO 7 combo) and I realized that Betaflight has dropped GPS/Mag support.

    Is it also for Triflight I guess..


    If you’re into GPS assisted flight, have a look at iNav….


    I’m not interested in GPS assisted navigation.
    I’m looking for GPS telemetry on Taranis, to log position in crash event.
    And if possible home direction on OSD.

    INav isn’t optimized for tricopter flight as triflight right?

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