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    I don’t see much recent development activities on Triflight, but nonetheless I would like to ask how easy it would be to use it for another board.

    I own a couple of Elle0 boards that were designed for paparazzi, which have an STMF4 with 1Mb of flash.
    From the FC target list available in Triflight I can see that an HEX is being generated as firmware, but I have the feeling that the specific board is not configured for the servo positioning wire feedback.

    Could anyone help / suggest me the best way to get this implemented?


    I don’t see an existing target file for that board, so you would need to take the pinout functions diagram of the board and create the necessary target.h and target.c files that define the resource mapping.


    the board target is under tree/master/src/main/target/ELLE0

    I am looking at the RCEXPLORER3F3 target example. I believe I have to specify somehow an ADC in for the servo position voltage and enable the servo feedback with an option like :



    Furthermore I have seen that, other enabled boards dont have the same pattern for the servo feedback settings (i.e. DODGE)
    not sure …. help is much appreciated here.


    There appears to be only two ADC inputs available on this board, one is defined for battery voltage monitoring, the other is for current monitoring.

    While I don’t recall the exact CLI command, you can use the CLI to specify which ADC input (Virtual, Current, RSSI, EXT1) to use for servo fdbk. With this board, your only option is Current, so using the CLI set the current monitoring ADC pin for servo fdbk. No changes to the existing target code required.

    You could modify the existing target files to “steal” an ADC capable pin from an existing function and define it as either the RSSI or EXT1 input but that gets complex quickly and leaves you with non standard firmware to maintain.


    Ok, while waiting on new parts from David’s shop, I decided to reuse a DYSF4 FC stick it into my tricopter, flash it with triflight-0-7 OmnibusF4 target… but I’m having some issues locating the pads for the servo and notice when yawing left right the motor spins! SO, does any one try to use a DYSF4 on tricopter configuration? So far… no success… :.-(



    I have a question about arming. I setup the AUX for arming and everything but when I try to arm on my controller the arm tab in betaflight would not light up. Does anyone know what is wrong?



    It’s been awhile since I’ve gone through the setup process but that can happen when you don’t have everything else set up yet. I am assuming you’ve done the receiver setup and did the subtrims, travels and directions to match the screen display? Also the modes tab lights won’t work unless you have the main battery connected. Obviously do all that without props.


    well… have you try out not plugged into the computer and verify it arms? lol


    so i have not flown my baby tricopter in a while and i was getting the itch but i didnt remember how i had it set up so i went to plug it into cleanflight and that didnt work as my firmware is so old so i figured i would update it and i cant seem to get it to flash new firmware either so i put it back on my wall and came straight here. i have the baby f3fc and need help flashing new firmware thanks


    I am soon to be flashing firmware as Hawk above and will look forward to everyone’s response. However, I have a little twist to my build that may cause a different look at firmware selections. I am following David’s Baby Tricopter build only because I am using his F3FC and the Baby PDB. I am using a different frame as well as KISS 24amp esc’s and I am a Spektrum user and thus using the 4649T spektrum rx. Thanks to the Spektrum folks monitoring RCGroups I found out how to hook up the RX to one of the F3FC’s UARTS:


    But as I am nearing the completion of my build,,,I am quite confused on the firmware to use and the tagging of this on to that, etc., etc., etc. Also, when I mentioned Triflight, dRonin, etc to them they didn’t know if these firmwares support telemetry using the 4649T (but that Betaflight does). Please advise which direction/path to follow when I soon get to firmware flashing. Oh,,,,forgot to add that I am also using David’s servo with the feedback wire.

    I am by no means an aggressive flyer so if cutting edge firmware doesn’t fit my hardware,,,,it will probably make little difference. But I would really like to have the option of battery voltage telemetry using my 4649T RX and DX8G2 TX. Thanks in advance.


    Would it be possible to merge the changes that triflight offers back into the iNav code so that iNav would then support tricopters, and allow us to use all the boards and features of iNav?

    In essence, removing the need to triflight for tricopters, and just using iNav instead.


    I’m having a lot of fast forward flight vibes, I’ve changed the PIDS, ran auto tune a few times and changed the props out to Graupners with balanced blades and hubs. My buddy here in Vegas Lee has even worse vibes than mine. What to do? @David, do you have any video of your tricopter flying FPV in fast forward flight with HD footage no ND or stab I’d like to compare our to see if I can improve my results? https://youtu.be/KEiv5sVxDVg


    David’s sending me an extra set of arms so I can double them up to see if that solves my HD jitter issues. To date, nothing I’ve tried has made much of a difference….tried different motors, props, check balance of props, check balance of props and motor bells, 3S or recommended motors, 4S on Sunnysky 2208 1260kv (which jitter the frame less, but still jitters). autotunes, more autotunes, manual tunes. Pulling my hair out. I like the flying feel of the Tricopter LR, but the jitters make any attempted video non-usable.


    As you may/may not recall, my buddy and I have been chasing video jitters in our Tricopter LRs. We tried tuning, retuning, changing motors, changing props, and just couldn’t get rid of the jitters.

    David sent me another set of arms so I could double them up and see if stiffer arms would solve the jittering issue. Well, the doubled arms did help some, but not enough to solve the issue.

    At wits end I tried some 3-blade 7″ props and stepped up from a 3S to a 4S LiPo. Whoa. SIGNIFICANT improvement. The best was with HQ 7×4 3-blade props on 4S using the ‘recommended’ Emax RS 2207 1600kv motors. The amp draw is abot the same, or maybe slightly lower than using 3S and 8″ 2-blade props. Something to think about if you aren’t getting/want smoother video.


    I cannot get the inflight tailtune to do anything (servocal) (The LR on dRonin)

    If anyone is reading this, did you get the tailtune to work inflight and what was your Thrustvalue after measuring??

    Mine is now stuck at the default 13.6

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