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    Hello All!

    Finishing up my build on my Tricopter V3.5. With the motors running the servo will drift to the right. If I put left input in.. the servo moves correctly but doesn’t re-center after the stick is centered.. it will stay left and then eventually drift to the right. When I cut the throttle, the servo will then re-center. I believe it is a setup issue but I am new to tricopters and could use some experienced help! I attached a youtube video of what it is doing.

    I am running a
    • kk2.1.5 flashed with stevis latest firmware and setup is identical to davids kk2 video
    • TGY-210DMH Servo
    • Afro 30A w/simonk esc’s
    • Turnigy 9x
    • pdb w/bec

    Youtube Video

    Thank you!



    I don’t think you need to be too concerned. When armed, the servo should move to the right compensate the motor torque. On my mini tri, it leans over to the right by 5-10 degrees when armed.

    I’ve also discovered that it is hard to debug slow drifts in the servo when the tricopter is on the bench. This is because the accelerometers are not getting any real feedback, and so things tend to drift around. Once you take off, it should sort itself out.

    To check if the servo is working correctly, leave the yaw stick centered and spin the tricopter around while armed (and props off). The servo should turn in the opposite direction to compensate the unwanted yaw.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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