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    Hey rcexplorers! I’ve been reading for weeks (weeks!) on this excellent forum and many other great forums but there’s so much to learn and not enough hours in a day, so I’m asking for some advice.
    I’m upgrading a V3 which I recently purchased from another forum member. I have an F3FC frame on the way from Sweden and will rewire the whole thing to V4 standards, but I have to use the original motors (for now).

    I need help to choose batteries and props so I can get the upgrade going, because I don’t want to smoke the motors or ESCs by making uninformed choices.

    Initially I’ll do some smooth slow unaggressive pleasure-flying, and eventually use it to test some rtk-gps hardware and a laser altimeter in slow flight and hover.

    The motors I have at the moment are Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 2830-920kv
    Poles: 12
    Voltage: 2~3S Lipoly
    RPM/V: 920kv
    Internal resistance: 0.09 Ohm
    Max current: 16A
    No-load current: 0.95A
    Max Power: 150W
    Weight: 57g

    The ESCs are 30A Afro w/SimonK
    I also have one set of 9x5E Multistar carbon fiber props.

    There are some interesting Turnigy Graphene battery choices.
    3S specs:
    4000/3S2P/15C,30C Burst*/296g/$30.28
    5200/3S2P/15C,30C Burst*/363g/$32.99
    (*well hopefully not)
    And 4S:
    4000/4S2P/15C,30C Burst/396g/$38.00

    Don’t know if I should be looking at 3S or 4S batteries, and how much current capability will be required. I bought access to ecalc but I’m new to this stuff and it will be a while before I can make good use of it without setting my hair on fire, internal resistance of my brain has increased over the years 😉

    Pickering, ON, CA


    There is pros and cons of the 3s and 4s batteries. Your motor setup is for a 3s. Chances are that you can run a 4s battery. But the con is if you ad a fpv system or leds they may be 3s only. Also remember the type of esc the built in bec is normally 5 volts. If you put a 4s battery on it it could raise the bec output, cooking things you can’t eat. Lol.

    Another positive note on 3s batteries is price and the weight. It all rolls down to flight time. I got about 15 minutes on a 3700mha battery. The multistar 5200 mha weigh the same. I can’t wait to try them out.


    Hey thanks for responding Donny, I agree that 3S makes sense.

    Can the current draw in constant hover or lazy flight be predicted well enough to choose between the 3S1P or 3S2P batteries? Anyone have similar motors and some current draw measurements?

    I realize that battery specs are only on paper but should be useful to compare within the T-Graphene product range, which I homed in on for apparent better than average durability.

    So to compare some choices:
    The 4000/3S2P/15C-30C (on paper) does 4Ax15C=60A sustained and 120A burst, and weighs 296g.
    The 3000/3S1P/65C is weight comparable at 301g, and no doubt will crank out all the amps I could hope for.
    But how about predicted flight time? And the price difference which means the 4000/3S2P is buy-three-get-one-free.

    I’m just trying to optimize my purchasing where I can, because I’m starting out from scratch, gave away my old-tech rc stuff decades ago. Sooner or later my wife’s going to audit me …

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